EZCast Pro

About EZCast Pro

EZCast Pro brand is owned by Actions Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Actions Micro). Actions Micro is founded in 2006 invested by Realtek. We started from IC Design business, which we wanted to sell our IC solution. By 2013, we started our own finished good products development, and since then we have developed ODM/OEM businesses with multiple brand name companies.

Actions Micro created our own brand names: EZCast and EZCast Pro. Now EZCast Pro is the commercial unit as our own brand name inside Action Micros. We developed commercial grade wireless collaboration solution which offers more reliable products with more enhance features.

EZCast Pro has invested R&D from our own IC to hardware and to software. The vertical integration allows us to be the expert at every steps of product development. With more than one hundred employees, we have 70% under engineering department. We care and we offer reliable products from hardware to software for our customers.

We have invested ourselves into channel business. We now have channel partners located in Asian and European countries. With Wireless Collaboration Solution, we enhance meeting room and classroom experiences. Channel partners can easily sell our products with the satisfaction of end users.

EZCast Pro’s Mission

At EZCast Pro we make sure everyone has excellent experience using our products

EZCast Pro’s Vision

EZCast Pro is committed to continue to build high quality and innovative products that our users and channel partners stay happy.