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We are speeding up the natural evolution of wireless displays

EZCast Pro is an expert in delivering cross-platform screen mirroring across wireless networks.

We want to free you from restrictive cables and be more productive in offices and classrooms.

We integrate cloud services to improve your experience

We provide more than just hardware, by adding cloud and software services to create a complete solution that stays up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

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More than 10 million users around the world use our solutions to take control of wireless displays.

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EZCast Pro news

Recap: Actions Microelectronics (EZCast) at COMPUTEX Taipei 2023

Actions Microelectronics (EZCast) impressed at COMPUTEX Taipei 2023 with their innovative wireless display solutions. The exhibition showcased a wide range of wireless display ICs, product modules, and end products powered by EZCast. The highlights included their exclusive Point-to-Point EZCast Wireless Transmission Technology, the newly launched Compact Mate series and EZCast Pocket for compact and portable solutions, and the exceptional EZCast Beam J4a and J4 portable projectors. EZCast Pro AV and QuattroPod T02+ were highlighted for enterprise applications. Overall, EZCast’s presence at the event demonstrated their commitment to cutting-edge wireless display solutions.

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Church AV Made Easy with EZCast ProAV: A Solution for Engaging Worship Experience

EZCast ProAV offers an ideal solution for churches and houses of worship that need a cost-effective, easy-to-use, and scalable audio-visual solution. With its simple and intuitive interface, powerful wireless connectivity, central management system (CMS) control feature, and cost-saving design, EZCast ProAV is the perfect choice for churches looking to enhance their worship experience for congregants. Whether you have a limited budget or are looking for a flexible and scalable solution, EZCast ProAV is the answer to all your church AV needs.

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