EZCast Pro for Education

EZCast Pro wireless presentation in classroom

EZCast Pro can upgrade your classrooms with BYOD wireless screen sharing solutions to make it easier for teachers to teach, and students to learn.

cross platform screen mirroring

Conduct wireless lectures from any device

Supports wireless presentation from any smartphone and laptop, so you can make presentations using your favorite devices effortlessly.

EZNote real time note taking

Real-time note-taking tools for students

Use the EZNote feature from EZCast Pro app to let students and audiences take real-time notes for a better learning experience.

EZCast Pro app mobile phone tablet

Full-featured EZCast Pro productivity app

EZCast Pro app is designed for both teachers and students, to improve teaching effectiveness and engagement in classrooms.

Interactive learning in classrooms

Free teachers from restrictive cables and let teacher teach from any smartphone or laptop, with the freedom to interact with students.

Give students the opportunity to share content with the class in a safe and controlled environment.


Real-time effective note-taking in classrooms 

Gone are the days when students scribble handwritten notes in a book and never look at it again.

Use EZNote to create study notes that can be shared online for new ways to study and collaborate information.


Case studies

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