EZCast Pro


QuattroPod is completely App free casting solution from source to your screen. Simply connect, click, and share is how easy QuattroPod is to cast content. EZCast Pro will need to use our EZCast Pro App, Windows 10 standard Miracast, or iPhone Airplay function to cast content. 


EZCast Pro II dongle has enhanced the connectivity, the WiFi has upgraded from 802.11b/g/n to 802.11ac, and Pro II dongle supports 5Ghz WiFi connection (only) which Pro I doesn’t. The EZCast Pro II is also capable of video playback at 4K resolution, which the Pro I dongle does not. The Pro II dongle also supports additional functions: Multi-view on a single screen, touchback, and ProCast.

EZCast Pro dongle does not have the LAN Ethernet option. In addition, Pro Box could be paired with EZLauncher, the transmitter, which allows users to click and share.

EZCast Pro LAN uses 2.4Ghz and Pro Box uses both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz. Hence, Pro Box has better connectivity. Second, EZCast Pro LAN doesn’t support EZLauncher while Pro Box does.

1. EZCast Pro Box Deluxe needs to install software on the PC/laptop while QuattroPod is App-free.

2. EZCast Pro Box support both 2.4 GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi, while QuattroPod only supports 5GHz Wi-Fi.

3. Quattropod could support up to 4K resolution, while EZCast Pro Box support 1080P.

QuattroPod supports up to 4K QuattroPod Mini supports up to 1080P

QuattroPod has DP port and QuattroPod Mini does not

Approximately 30 meters, depends on local WiFi interference

We suggest the distance between transmitter and receiver less than 10m ( 32.8 feet) for better performance.

EZCast Pro App:


ProCast: (*only available for Pro Dongle II)


Although QuattroPod does not require an app, we still offer an optional apk for Android users in Google Play Store.

EZCast Pro Series: 1-year

QuattroPod Series: 2-year

With the ProCast software, EZCast Pro Dongle II could support multi-screen broadcasting. At the moment, ProCast App could only support Windows and macOS.


The standard global warranties are:

  • EZCast Pro Series: 1-Year
  • QuattroPod Series: 2-Year

*Warranty may vary in different regions/countries. Please check your local suppliers for the actual warranties