QuattroPod Series

Share multiple screens on EZCast Pro wireless presentation meeting room

Plug, click and cast wireless presentations to a big screen in meetings hassle-free.

Whether you use Windows, macOS laptops, iPhones or Android phones, you can use QuattroPod solutions to plug and play wireless presentations.

The simple user interface and robust network security make it a favorite among IT professionals.

smartphone screen mirror plug and play

No app required

Plug, click and cast wirelessly from your favorite smartphone.

laptop quattropod click to screen share

Click to cast wirelessly

Make wireless presentations in seconds with a click of a button.

wireless presentation from smartphone tablet PC laptop

4-to-1 split-screen display in real-time

Display up to 4 sources at the same time for better clarity and collaboration.

BYOD wireless meeting rooms

Embrace BYOD meeting rooms with cross-platform wireless presentation solution from EZCast Pro and QuattroPod.

Work and make presentations from any smartphone and laptop to make meetings more productive and get more things done.


Smart Touchback Control with interactive screens

Take interactive touch panels to the next level by implementing Touchback Control with your laptops.

Simply plug, click and cast to create interactive wireless presentations with a touch panel and never worry about file compatibility with your IFPs.


Use split-screen mode to share multiple screens in real-time

Redesign your wireless meeting room for collaboration and share information with ease. 

Allows multiple attendees to screen mirror data and charts simultaneously to the big screen to visualize information clearly.


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