EZCast Pro

Designed for wireless classrooms

EZCast Pro Box II (B10)

Supports broadcasting to multiple displays in larger speaking venues using both LAN and 5 GHz WiFi for a more stable broadcasting experience.


EZCast Pro Dongle II (D10)

5 GHz WiFi support with 4K capability to deliver faster and more vivid presentations. Supports multi-screen setup for larger speaking venues.


Wireless multi-screen mirroring

Wireless multi-screen broadcasting with ProCast app

Use ProCast app to broadcast laptop content wirelessly to multiple screens in a large lecture venue.

cross platform screen mirroring

Conduct wireless lectures from any device

Supports wireless presentation from any smartphone and laptop, so you can make presentations using your favorite devices effortlessly.

EZNote real time note taking

Real-time note-taking tools for students

Use the EZNote feature from EZCast Pro app to let students and audiences take real-time notes for a better learning experience.

Broadcast wireless presentations to multiple screens

Create powerful presentations across multiple large screen displays in real-time from your laptops.

Easily screen mirror to multiple displays for large conference rooms and lecture halls.


Designed for BYOD work spaces

QuattroPod Standard

Award-winning click and cast wireless presentation solution for laptops and smartphones. Share ideas without compromising enterprise network security.


QuattroPod Mini

A more compact design for the same plug and play interface for laptops and  smartphones.


smartphone screen mirror plug and play

User-friendly wireless presentations

Plug, click and cast wirelessly from your favorite smart devices. No app required.

laptop quattropod click to screen share

Administer the pace of meetings with Host Control

Control your meetings with QuattroPod to ensure everyone stays on topic and makes informed decisions

wireless presentation from smartphone tablet PC laptop

4-To-1 split-screen display in real-time

Display up to 4 sources at the same time for better clarity in information sharing. So you can see the full set of data to make better decisions.

BYOD wireless meeting rooms

Embrace BYOD meeting rooms with cross-platform wireless presentation solution from EZCast Pro and QuattroPod.

Work and make presentations from any smartphone and laptop to make meetings more productive and get more things done.


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