Run Effective Meetings With Host Control

run effective meetings with host control

Imagine you are a host of a meeting that requires multiple presenters to share information either sequentially or at the same time.

The state-of-the-art meeting room technology at your disposal allows you to control who can project and who cannot to ensure every discussion is on topic, all with a simple click of a button.

It would be so easy to control the meeting agendas at any moment and run effective meetings.

Why do you need more control as a meeting host?

It is difficult to be the meeting host, especially for a complex meeting involving two companies meeting for the first time.

As the two companies go through introductory presentations, followed by in-depth discussions of key topics, it takes a lot of work to know who is presenting what and when.

Despite the power to organize agendas, arrange meeting attendees, and outline the meeting schedule, it is a thankless task to keep every presentation in order and on topic with traditional technologies.

Once you add wireless BYOD into the mix, it becomes even harder to keep track of wireless display sources as everyone vies for screen time in such an important meeting.

Without a straightforward way to control wireless presentations, you might find yourself quickly losing track of meeting agendas as anyone on the same WiFi network try to cast content to the big screen at the same time.

Before you write off wireless meetings as a big battle royal for the big screen from every laptop and smartphone in attendance, we want to introduce to you a unique Host Control feature from QuattroPod and EZCast Pro to help you keep track of every presenter in the meeting and stay on agenda.

Introducing QuattroPod USB BYOD wireless presentation devices that also supports Host Control

The latest QuattroPod USB wireless presentation solution simplifies the most popular audiovisual ports into a single USB interface.

You no longer need to worry about HDMI, DP or a separate USB cable for power to the transmitter.

It is designed to plug and play wireless screen mirroring from both laptops and smartphones in seconds, without installing any app.

Whether the attendees use an iPhone, Android phone, Windows or macOS laptop, just plug in the QuattroPod USB transmitters and start sharing wireless content to the big screen immediately.

Like most solutions in the QuattroPod line, QuattroPod USB also supports the Host Control function, so you can authorize or deny casting permissions to any presenter with a click of a button.

QuattroPod USB provides the meeting host with a simple way to run effective meetings

QuattroPod is designed to maintain order and control in meetings.

  • Allows attendees to bring their favorite mobile or laptop device to make presentations as simple as a click.
  • Every presenter who isn’t the meeting host requires the host’s permission to begin sharing wireless display to the big screen.
  • Whether the presentations are displayed one after the other, or side-by-side in real-time, it is under the host’s control.

QuattroPod USB provides IT staff with simpler setup

IT professionals will enjoy the security and simple setup offered by QuattroPod USB.

  • QuattroPod USB transmitters and the receiver use a secure, enterprise-level WiFi network to transmit wireless display, giving IT teams fewer headaches.
  • QuattroPod USB transmitters only use a single USB interface to plug and cast wireless display, meaning everyone will no longer be confused with different ports such as HDMI and DP.
  • Plug and cast setup means guests do not need to ask for company WiFi passwords, creating fewer security concerns.
  • Repeatable and consistent setup that can be implemented in any meeting and conference room environment.

How to use QuattroPod USB’s Host Control feature in meetings

The QuattroPod solution consists of a receiver and multiple transmitters designed for wireless screen sharing in office applications.

The receiver is connected close to the HDMI-compatible big screen, while transmitters are placed strategically in the conference room, close to each  presenter.

To establish yourself as the host, your transmitter needs to be the first one to be connected to the QuattroPod receiver.

Then every time a new presenter wants to make a presentation to your QuattroPod receiver, you will have the chance to allow or deny the presentation request with a click of the button.

Please refer to the video below for the complete tutorial on how to use different Host Control settings and screen sharing settings to keep the presentations in order.

As a bonus, you can also assign a Castcode to the QuattroPod receiver, to make sure only people attending the meeting can make wireless casting to the big screen.

This minimizes the chances of unauthorized content being shared from outside the meeting room.

Once you master the settings of Host Control, you can make sure every meeting is run effectively and smoothly.

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