EZCast Pro Dongle II (D10)

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Multi-screen wireless presentation receiver

Faster 5 GHz Wi-Fi support with 4K capability to deliver smoother and more vivid presentations. Supports multi-screen setup for larger speaking venues.

Suggested price – USD 139

Wireless multi-screen mirroring

Wireless multi-screen broadcasting with ProCast app

Use ProCast app to broadcast laptop content wirelessly to multiple screens in a large lecture venue.

*Note: Each TV/Monitor will need one EZCast Pro Dongle II as a receiver respectively.
cross platform screen mirroring

Conduct wireless lectures from any device

Supports wireless presentation from any smartphone and laptop, so you can make presentations using your favorite devices effortlessly.

EZNote real time note taking

Real-time note-taking tools for students

Use the EZNote feature from EZCast Pro app to let students and audiences take real-time notes for a better learning experience.


Multi-screen setup with ProCast app

Native wireless display protocols from Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

5 GHz Wi-Fi network connectivity

AES 128-bit encrypted network and WPA2 authentication protocol

4K display output

Real-time annotation with EZCast Pro app

Cast code feature for additional screen mirroring security

Host control to administer display sources

Up to 4 display sources in split-screen mode

Recommended wireless range of 10 meters

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