Smart Touchback Control With Interactive Screen

Touchback control

Imagine a meeting where you are given an interactive screen to make your presentations.

Just walk up to the interactive display in front of the meeting and your presentation is available at your fingertips.

Use the touch screen to dazzle your audience with your impressive knowledge.

It just works.

Supported touch screen brands

Click on the logos to see the supported interactive screens for each brand.

Why do you need Touchback Control with interactive screen for business?

Interactive whiteboards and touch screens, IWB/IFP, are very useful tools in enterprise meeting presentations today.

Users can make annotations and change slides on the fly to create a seamless interactive presentation.

But a standard touch panel with its own internal memory and operating system works as a standalone smart device.

Before you can present on an IWB/IFP, you need to transfer PowerPoint presentations from your laptop to the touch panel with USB flash drives.

Once you have successfully transferred your file to the touch screen, you need pray that the file is compatible with the screen operating system.

Wouldn’t it be easier if you can just run the presentation from your laptop, and still be able to control the presentation on the big touch panel?

Ideally, QuattroPod BYOD meeting solution can cast your laptop content to the big screen wirelessly, and let you use the touch screen to control your laptop on the spot.

Introducing QuattroPod’s Touchback Control feature for interactive screens

QuattroPod is a cross-platform wireless meeting solution that eliminates restrictive cables and makes wireless presentations with one single click.

  • Make presentations from your reliable work laptop.
  • Display screen content on the IWB/IFP wirelessly without file transfer.
  • Use the touch screen to interact with laptop presentation.
  • Suitable for allowing guests to make presentations without copying commercially sensitive files between devices.

The advanced Touchback Control feature allows the speaker to start wireless presentation without transferring files, and flip through the slides without touching the laptop.

QuattroPod simplifies IT staff’s job

IT professionals will enjoy the security and easy set up of QuattroPod.

  • QuattroPod solutions are compatible with most popular IWB/IFP brands.
  • QuattroPod transmitters and receiver use secure, enterprise level WiFi network to transmit wireless display, giving IT teams less headaches.
  • Plug and cast setup means guests do not need to ask for WiFi passwords, enhance fewer security concerns.
  • Intuitive setup that can be implemented in any meeting and conference room.

How to use QuattroPod to setup wireless meetings

QuattroPod set up is as easy as “plug, click and cast” even with an IWB/IFP.

Follow the setting instruction then you can use the touch screen to access files and flip through the presentations on your laptop.

And never worry about transferring files from laptops to the touch screen ever again.

  1. Connect QuattroPod receiver to HDMI input of the touch panel, so the wireless display from QuattroPod can be shown on the touch screen.
  2. Connect touch panel’s USB touch interface to QuattroPod receiver’s USB port.
  3. Make sure the QuattroPod transmitter is in PC/Pairing mode before connecting to a laptop via HDMI and USB.
  4. Click and cast the laptop content to the big screen to enjoy both wireless screen mirroring and Touchback Control.

Please refer to the video below for detailed instructions about setting up Touchback Control.

List of supported touch panels


  • IFP7550 (model CVT)
  • IFP7560 (model same as X9)
  • E65MA
  • CDE5561T(model TPV)
  • IFP5550-2
  • IFP7550-2
  • IFP7550-SPC
  • IFP9850-3


  • X9
  • VN_86
  • P-75U
  • TWB-FBC70


  • TT-7017FB
  • Trutouch X8


  • 75BDL3010T
  • 55BDL4051T/11 FHD


  • 86TR3D


  • QB75H


  • A70
  • K86
  • K75
  • FM-S65
  • FM-S75
  • X7
  • FM-S86
  • FMA65


  • RP552
  • RP556E
  • RP654K(IR, USB B*2)


  • ON-LAP1502I
  • ON-LAP1503


  • TM650CAPHDK01


  • UI86EB
  • UI65EB


  • C98MH
  • W55ATA


  • H09EA


  • e-Scree XTX-5500UHD
  • e-Scree XTX-8600UHD


  • Sharp LL-S201A
  • PN-C751H


  • PL5538U


  • SBID-MX065
  • MX065


  • WeTouchE6-65-40T-4K


  • AP7-B75-NA-1
  • Cobalt


  • TH-75BQ1J
  • TH-65BQ1J
  • TH-75BQ1W
  • TH-65BQ1W

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