American Wholesaler’s New Setup of Conference Room — One-to-One or One-to-Many Screens Presentations3 min read

People tend to pick up their groceries and daily necessities at wholesale markets as they can buy something good there at a very competitive price. In order to provide customers with a very competitive price, wholesalers must hold lots of meetings internally to discuss about the price strategy or negotiation strategy with the vendors or suppliers.

One of EZCast Pro customers, a world-famous wholesaler of groceries and daily necessities, supports the idea and pointed out that a meeting is sometimes held in a single conference room and sometimes in multiple adjacent meeting rooms. The customer thus wanted to look for a solution featuring one-to-many screens wireless display products and to have the flexibility of presenting one-to-one or one-to-many screen. Besides, the solution must also support various devices and OS, for instance, iOS, Android, iPad, and Windows laptop, etc.

Customer’s Difficulties

When the customer came to us in the first place, they wanted to mirror their screens to multiple devices without any cables or HDMI splitter and as their computers/laptops were centralized managed by the IT department, they were not allowed to plug any USB into the port or install 3rd party Apps on their device. Thus, some products claiming a one-wire solution is not available for them since it would require additional authorization from IT department to install the Apps. In addition, the customer wanted to use the products without any application so that it would not be too complicated for some employees to use it.

Why does the customer choose QuattroPod?

QuattroPod features its functions of plug-and-cast, up to 4-split-screens and broadcasting (presenting to multiple screens, only available with QuattroPod Standard and Mini). Moreover, the customer did not need to use any application to get it started.

  1. Given that the customer wanted to present to multiple screens due to the layout of their office, QuattroPod was recommended to the customer as it allowed the customer to broadcast without any cables.

  2. Moreover, it solved the customer’s concern of the USB port as the customer can either use the transmitter or directly connect to the receiver of QuattroPod.

  3. In addition, the customer wanted to cast one-to-one or one-to-many screens depending on the amount of participants, QuattroPod also supports the idea. For example, the customer could have two transmitters and one with the configuration of one-to-one presentation and the other one with the configuration of one-to-many presentation. The customer just had to use the transmitter, which is suitable for his current use context and everything is all set!

  4. Most importantly, the customer did not have to use any application to get it started as they could use the native streaming protocols such as AirPlay or Chromecast (also known as Google Cast) to connect to the devices. What’s more, the QuattroPod also creates a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) environment for the customer! A noticeable increase in productivity was also confirmed by the customer!

In sum, the functions of QuattroPod did figure out a way to resolve the customer’s difficulties and they are now allowed to have the flexibility to present one-to-one or one-to-multiple screens in many adjacent meeting rooms and further provide their customers with more competitive price!


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