NCDS Uses QuattroPod to Improve Communication During Dispute Resolution2 min read

NCDS dispute resolution

National Center for Dispute Settlement is a professional alternative dispute resolution firm with more than forty years of history.

NCDS provides dispute resolution services that are customized for each client’s unique needs and facilitate dispute settlement processes that are professional, fair, timely and compliant.

NCDS also offers extensive and certified training programs on arbitration and mediation to panel members, case administrators, project management staff and ADR professionals.

To facilitate better communication in meetings, NCDS requires a conference room solution that allows both NCDS staff and external partners to make BYOD wireless presentations quickly, easily and without installing custom software in advance.

Ideally, internal staff using a dedicated laptop can make presentations frequently, while smartphones and laptops can also be used for sharing media using native AirPlay and Miracast for impromptu meetings.

Since vendors and clients come from various companies, with different rules and security clearances in their laptops, the presentation tool should also allow presentations to be shared plug and play without installing software to the speaker’s machine.

QuattroPod is designed for plug, click and cast BYOD meetings

QuattroPod is the latest wireless BYOD conference room solution designed for enterprises.

The combination of user-friendliness and security makes it a perfect solution for NCDS.

The recent addition of AirPlay support makes it even more powerful and allows iPhone and macOS users to use native AirPlay Screen Mirroring to screen share content with a click.

QuattroPod improves the productivity of NCDS meetings

After implementing QuattroPod solutions in NCDS’s office, both internal staff and visiting partners noted a marked improvement in both the ease of content sharing and productivity of meetings.

The new QuattroPod implementation has allowed more partners to share wireless presentations without compromising network security at NCDS.


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