Broadcast Wireless Presentations to Multiple Screens

Setup wireless multiple screens in meeting room

Imagine speaking at a large conference room with multiple displays hanging from the ceiling, allowing all attendees to see you from any seat.

You only need to bring a laptop to instantly broadcast to wireless multi-screens simultaneously.

And best of all, you don’t need to connect to any cables.

Why do you want to setup wireless multi-screens?

We are all too familiar with the problems professional speakers like yourself face in conference rooms everyday.

You spend days preparing for your speeches, with endless hours remembering the slides and key points.

When you arrive at the conference room, you find the cables available from the projector do not fit with your laptop.

It’s a struggle to find the right AV adapter, or even share your slide deck to another laptop, just to get the presentation running on the big screen.

Once you finally get going with your speech, you suddenly realize a section of the crowd in the corner cannot see you, or your presentation.

You are completely spent after the speech, with a feeling of disappointment that you couldn’t give it your all, with all the unexpected technical problems you had to face beforehand.

Deep inside, you just wish there is a solution that allows you to just turn up and make presentations to multiple screens in the room perfectly every time.

Introducing EZCast Pro II as a flexible wireless multi-screen solution

EZCast Pro II is a cross-platform enterprise wireless presentation solution that eliminates restrictive cables and allows you to make presentations wirelessly, hassle-free to multiple TV displays.

Whether your slide deck is stored on a Windows or macOS laptop, you never need to worry about port compatibility with projectors or HDTVs.

By installing an EZCast Pro II to each monitor in a large room, you can use ProCast app to broadcast from your laptop to every screen instantly.

EZCast Pro provides speakers with an easy way to broadcast content to multiple screens

EZCast Pro and ProCast app are designed specifically for wireless multi-screens, so you can focus on your presentations.

  • Bring your favorite laptop to make wireless presentations easily.
  • Free to sit anywhere in the meeting room and not be restricted by the projector cable.
  • ProCast app gives you complete control of broadcasting to multiple screens installed with EZCast Pro II.

EZCast Pro provides IT staff with easier multi-screen setup

IT professionals will enjoy the flexibility and ease of setup offered by EZCast Pro.

  • Install an EZCast Pro II to each monitor to turn them into wireless displays, and never worry about complex wiring again.
  • It is easy to setup the wireless network to link all the EZCast Pro devices onto the local WiFi network.
  • Repeatable and consistent setup that can be implemented in any conference room, lecture theater, and exhibition hall.

How to use EZCast Pro to setup wireless multi-screens

An EZCast Pro II dongle is required for every HDTV or projector you want to broadcast to.

Then connect the dongles to the local WiFi network.

When you arrive the lecture theater, simply connect your Windows or macOS laptop to the local WiFi network.

Then execute the ProCast app to immediately broadcast screen content to every wireless display in the room.

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