How to use BYOM for smart working?3 min read

What is BYOM ?

BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) is a term that refers to technology with which presenters use their own devices to drive meetings.

As a result, users can use their own devices with the technology that is already in the meeting rooms.

BYOM enables smart working.

The limitations set by the room technology have vanished. The room technology supports the user’s needs by wireless integration.

In fact, BYOM (regardless of which conferencing platforms are being used), allows a collaborative experience.

As an example, most of us already use portable devices, such as smartphones or laptops. There is no need to spend valuable time on learning how to use other complex hardware. All we need now are seamless solutions which we can use with our own devices.

BYOM follows the trend of remote and hybrid working. It allows the employees to utilize tools they are familiar with to set productive collaborative meetings.

BYOM allows employees to utilize tools they are familiar with.

BYOM Advantages:

1. With BYOM, you can use your own device to set a video conference. Host a meeting using your preferred conference solution (like Teams, Webex, Zoom).

2. Since the users are already familiar with their own devices, this technology is user-centered. This increases productivity since people usually avoid using technology they don’t understand.

3. Eliminates the need for expensive and complex hardware providing a most cost-effective solution

4. In addition, BYOM opens the window to new possibilities.

In the same way, it enriches your meeting experiences while having multiple participants sharing simultaneously in the circumstance of both face-to-face and remote scenarios.

5. The flexibility of mobility & setup

6. Easy to use

7. Compatible with most portable devices

BYOM allows flexibility and easy usage.

Differences with BYOD: the past versus the present

In the past, we had meetings fairly free of technology but we are entering an era of full technology. Conferencing is the new normal and our laptop is the window to the world. We no longer live in the era of physical meetings. As the world is changing, our meetings adapt to being short and informal. Consequently, face-to-face meetings are decreasing as most remote ones are increasing.

Esily set remote conferences with BYOM and EZCast Pro.

Optimize Your Meeting Room Experiences

Avoid the struggle of long waiting periods of set-up, poor connections, difficulties with video conferences, and struggles to join the meeting. Using BYOM will allow users to quickly set up, and avoid any difficulties as they will be using the devices they are familiar with.

Adopting this technology will help you to reach your strategic goals in an efficient and effective way.

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EZCast Pro is bringing BYOM revolution to your meetings.

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