Use Split-Screen Mode to Share Multiple Screens in a Meeting

share multiple screens cross platform split screen

Imagine a wireless meeting room designed for collaboration and allows attendees to share multiple screens to the projector simultaneously.

Whether the attendees use a smartphone, a Windows or a macOS laptop, the presentation solution allows you to share information in a split-screen mode.

And best of all, wireless presentation is as easy as a click of a button.

Why do you need split-screen mode in a meeting?

Despite all the good intentions of a meeting, the presence of a big screen means meetings are designed to share ideas one at a time.

As speakers queue up one-by-one to wait for his/her turn to connect to the big screen display and give an insightful speech, collaboration and dialog between related data seems to be missing. 

So the managers end up listening to different bits of related information one after the other, without a way to compare graphs and charts side-by-side for a more meaningful discussion.

Before you look for the opportunity to install additional HDTVs and projectors for the meeting room, you wonder if there is a way to share multiple screens on one display to a real-time comparison.

Ideally, your presentation solution can allow multiple smart devices to share content simultaneously in a split-screen mode to allow attendees to collaborate and make more informed decisions.

Introducing QuattroPod to plug, click and wirelessly share multiple screens simultaneously

QuattroPod is a cross-platform wireless meeting solution that eliminates restrictive cables and allows you to make presentations as easy as a click.

It is designed to promote collaboration in meetings by allowing up to four smart devices to project screen content to the receiver at one time.

Whether the attendees use an iPhone, Android phone, Windows or macOS laptop, just plug in the QuattroPod transmitters and start sharing screens in split-screen mode.

QuattroPod provides meeting attendees with a convenient way to share information

QuattroPod is designed for collaboration in real-time.

  • Allows the attendees to bring their favorite mobile or laptop device to make presentations as simple as a click.
  • Accepts multiple screens shared from iPhone, Android, Windows and macOS devices simultaneously.
  • Attendees are free to sit anywhere in the meeting room and not be restricted by the projector cable.
  • Guests can plug, click and share wireless presentations without the need for company WiFi access.

QuattroPod provides IT staff with simpler setup

IT professionals will enjoy the security and ease of setup offered by QuattroPod.

  • QuattroPod transmitters and receiver use secure, enterprise level WiFi network to transmit wireless display, giving IT teams less headaches.
  • Split-screen mode is built into the QuattroPod solution so there is no additional setting required to share multiple displays at the same time.
  • Plug and play setup means guests do not need to ask for company WiFi passwords, creating less security concerns.
  • Repeatable and consistent setup that can be implemented in any meeting and conference room environment.

How to use QuattroPod to share multiple screens in a meeting

The QuattroPod solution consists of a receiver and multiple transmitters designed for screen sharing in enterprise applications.

The receiver is connected close to the HDMI-compatible big screen, while transmitters are placed strategically in the conference room, close to each  presenter.

Any attendee can simply sit close to an available transmitter and plug in your smart phone or laptop into it.

When a split-screen mode is required to display multiple content simultaneously, simply share content from more than one transmitter at the same time to compare data and charts side-by-side.

QuattroPod receiver has recently added support for AirPlay, allowing iOS and macOS devices to use native AirPlay Screen Mirroring to share content to QuattroPod receiver.

The split-screen mode can enable AirPlay content to appear side-by-side with display shared from QuattroPod transmitters, creating a more mobile friendly wireless display environment.

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