A Stylish Wireless Conference Room Designed by Leetcom2 min read

cross platform wireless meeting room quattropod laptop

Businesses need to present their entrances and conference rooms professionally and elegantly, as those are the places where visitors make their first impression and spend most of their time.

In traditional conference rooms, presenters are required to sit in the range of the HDMI cable, which severely reduces presenters’ mobility and meeting efficiency.

The cables’ limitation can make the meeting as chaotic as the musical chairs, especially when multiple presenters are moving around trying to connect to the HDMI.

In a partnership with Leetcom, the Sweden IT and networking solutions specialist, QuattroPod is now available for businesses that are looking for a functional and sophisticated wireless conference room solution.

cross platform wireless meeting room quattropod laptop
A QuattroPod transmitter in the center of the meeting room table designed to make wireless presentations to a TV on the wall.

Leetcom has set up the wireless conference room with both function and aesthetics.

In this setting, the QuattroPod receiver is carefully connected to the TV, while the QuattroPod transmitter is placed at the center of the conference table, where participants can easily access the QuattroPod transmitter to send signals through compatible cables.

QuattroPod transmitters and receiver communicate wirelessly, eliminating participants’ fear of tripping over cables.

laptop smartphone quattropod

QuattroPod is an intuitive cross-platform wireless presentation system. It supports macOS, Windows, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android with simple “Plug, Click, Cast”.

As a true BYOD solution, QuattroPod supports not only laptops via HDMI and Mini DP port, but also allows users to cast their mobile devices with charging cables or through the QuattroPod app.

quattropod transmitter and cable ports
Compatible with most devices through HDMI, Mini DP, and USB ports.

Leetcom’s implementation of the cables truly enables the smart conference room, as it is compatible with most devices and mobile phones.

Wireless presentation is within the participants’ grasp with just one single click on the transmitter button. 

With the direct Wi-Fi connection between QuattroPod transmitters and receiver, users are free from changing their Wi-Fi settings and compromising the company’s network security. 

Guests can arrive and present within seconds without asking for network passwords.

iphone screen mirroring meeting room wireless presentation
iphone lightning cable presentation

Aesthetic meeting rooms start with beautifully designed technology

A beautifully designed work space can boost morale and improve employees’ well-being.

By incorporating QuattroPod’s smart design, Leetcom has created a clean, functional and cable-free environment.

wireless display laptop
quattropod transmitter meeting room table

Leetcom and QuattroPod aim to bring the most elegant and advanced wireless presentation technology to every workplace in Sweden.


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