CENTRL Office Uses QuattroPod to Make Shared Office More Productive3 min read

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The concept of the “Modern Office” has been changing rapidly in the last decade.

Whether it be a change in the floor plan, or to facilitate remote workers, one of the many developments in these trends has been the growth of Shared Office spaces.

CENTRL Office is seeing that growth firsthand. With locations throughout the Portland Metro area, California and Austin, Texas, they support many types of companies and with that, many types of professional needs.

True BYOD technology designed for coworking space

Dillin Strizzi, Facilities Manager at CENTRL Office, had been searching for a solution for their members’ BYOD presentation needs.

“With 200+ members in our space using a variety of computers and devices,” said Dillin, “getting consistent connectivity was always an issue.”

“A lot of options only worked on Mac or only on PC, while sometimes a driver installation is needed, which would slow down the connectivity process.”

To compensate, they were running HDMI cables and having users plug in and switch inputs to share.

On top of the difficulty for users, there was a growing maintenance concern.

Hardware was being damaged from mishaps such as cords getting yanked out of the wall and other accidents.

“We had been wanting to gravitate towards a wireless option but were having trouble finding devices that would work on all machines and connect consistently without [hardwire] drops. “

It wasn’t an ideal experience for their members or the staff.

QuattroPod brings everyone to the shared office table

The solution to their problems came in the form of the QuattroPod Mini.

Displays in their shared office meeting spaces were updated with a QuattroPod receiver and transmitters.

The whole solution was ready to go right out of the box.

“It really couldn’t be easier,” said Dillin of the deployment process. “After everything is plugged in, you just hook up your computer to the transmitter and it’s on the projection screen in seconds. It’s as easy as a hardwired plug-in, and just as consistent.”

Now any user with an HDMI output (direct or via an adapter) can participate in meetings.

Multiple connections are now possible, too, with QuattroPod’s ability to display up to 4 presentations on one screen.

centrl office shared office quattropod
Wireless screen mirroring from a laptop to the big screen.

Additionally, there are even more ways to connect with Miracast and AirPlay support as well as the QuattroPod app for Android.

“I didn’t want any device that would require our members to install something on their machines just to connect to a TV, for time, ease, and security purposes,” Dillin said.

Despite the change of technology in the shared workspace, the OSX and iOS users still had the same access as before, with the QuattroPod receiver’s onboard AirPlay support.

“The fact that anyone can plug in and connect without having to install any drivers or special applications was the best selling point for me.”

With their upgrade to the QuattroPod Mini, CENTRL Office has been able to provide its members with the intuitive and robust experience they expect from an Enterprise-grade coworking space.

“I am no longer pulled away to our shared meeting rooms to help with connection issues or troubleshooting,” Dillin said. “The QuattroPod is straight-forward, reliable, and user-friendly which frees up my day.”

What is QuattroPod

QuattroPod is a wireless BYOD meeting room solution designed for enterprises.

Users at the shared office can bring any smartphone or laptop to the meeting, then plug, click and cast wireless display to the big screen in seconds.

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