Real-Time Effective Note-Taking in Classrooms

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Imagine a classroom where students have effective note-taking tools readily available, and retain the knowledge in every class you teach.

The presentations you share on the projectors are saved and annotated by students for revision before tests.

And best of all, no paper is used in the process of taking notes.

Why do you need an effective note-taking tool?

We are all too familiar with the problems students face in classrooms.

When a teacher like yourself being writing on the whiteboard in front of the class, the students barely have time to copy down the notes, let alone absorb the information.

So we end up having the students write pages and pages of class notes, and expect them to review the meaning of all the information by themselves after class.

Pages and pages are written without giving students the time to absorb and digest the information, while you talk in vain to students looking down as they write furiously into notebooks.

If only there is a more efficient way for students to take notes so they have more time to listen in class.

Introducing EZNote as the most effective note-taking method

EZCast Pro app is a complete education technology solution that works closely with EZCast Pro wireless presentation solutions.

The EZNote feature allows students and meeting attendees to use laptops, smartphones or tablets, to screen capture presentation slides in real-time, and scribble notes on the slides.

It is an efficient way to capture presentation information to save locally or share on the cloud storage in Dropbox or Google Drive.

EZNote provides teachers with more time to share knowledge

EZNote feature works closely with the EZCast Pro hardware solution you use to make wireless presentation.

  • Synchronize and display your teaching material with all the mobile devices and laptops used by students.
  • Make sure students are on the same page as your presentations for more engaging and interactive lessons.
  • Spend less time copying down study notes, and more time teaching.

EZNote provides students with a better way to retain knowledge

In a classroom where students use tablets and laptops to learn, they can take clearer notes to retain knowledge better.

  • Improve note-taking skills instantly by taking screenshots of teacher’s presentations then annotate in real-time.
  • Students can spend less time copying down notes, and more time listening.
  • Save notes locally or share them in cloud storage such as Dropbox or Google Drive.
  • A more effective way to organize study notes for tests. 

How to use EZNote to take better notes

When a teacher like youself uses an EZCast Pro wireless display receiver to make wireless presentations to a projector in the classroom, all the students in attendance can synchronize their device screens to the same presentation.

As you flip through the teaching material, EZNote makes sure students’ screens are synchronized in real-time with the pace of the teacher.

Take effective notes on tablet in a meeting
EZNote shares presentations on the mobile screen and lets you make annotations.

No matter which smart devices your students use, whether iPhone, Android phone, Windows or MacBook, they can use EZCast Pro app and EZNote to pay attention to the teaching materials.

As you go through the teaching materials, students can screen capture the material and annotate key points in real-time.

This way, you can spend more time sharing in-depth information on the subject, knowing the students are ready to take notes on the presentation slides.

You can cultivate a better studying habit as students share study notes with each other after class.

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