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iWant Chine School uses EZCast Pro II

Chinese is becoming the second most spoken foreign language in the United States, after Spanish.

With the growing popularity of the Chinese language, there is a huge demand in learning Chinese as early as elementary schools.

The fierce competition in Chinese education providers means the best educators are encouraged to invest in technology to make lessons as engaging and productive as possible, to help students learn Chinese faster.

One Chinese educator in Pasadena, California, iWant Chinese School, is a part of the after school program at Eugene Field Elementary School.

Incorporating talking pens in teaching Chinese

The main teachers of iWant Chinese School, Willy and Wendy, came from Taiwan, are known to use technology in classrooms to make Mandarin lessons more interesting to the students, and also teach diabolo on Fridays for extra fun.

A typical lesson involves using talking pen software installed on a Windows laptop that projects basic Mandarin material to the big screen through an HDMI cable.

talking pens chinese lesson
Students learning Chinese with talking pens.

The drawback of the HDMI cable means Willy and Wendy need to teach close to the laptop and projector, a short distance from students.

Therefore a solution involving wireless display from laptop to projector is needed to give the teachers more freedom to move about in class.

Using EZCast Pro II solution to allow teachers more freedom in class

By using EZCast Pro II wireless presentation receiver, the Windows laptop can share screen to the projector wirelessly using Miracast.

Miracast is a wireless display protocol native to Windows and Android phones, and it allows iWant Chinese School to make wireless presentations from a Windows laptop without accessing external Wi-Fi network.

EZCast Pro II dongle on projector
An EZCast Pro II is connected to a projector to display teaching curriculum.
The laptop can project wireless content far away from the projector.

The EZCast Pro II solution allows Willy and Wendy to run each class with the freedom to sit closer to students for a better interactive learning experience.


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