BYOD Wireless Meeting Rooms

BYOD wireless presentations for more productive meetings

Imagine a wireless meeting room where you don’t have to bring your laptop with you.

Simply bring your smartphone to the meeting and start sharing presentations wirelessly to the big screen.

And best of all, wireless presentation is as easy as plug and play.

Why do you need BYOD wireless meeting rooms?

We are all too familiar with the problems office workers like you face in meetings everyday.

As you lug around a laptop to the meeting room, you have to scan the room to make sure whichever audiovisual cable from the projector fits with your laptop.

Whether your laptop uses HDMI, DVI, VGA, Display ports, the only port that matters is the one that fits into the big screen.

Before you ask the resident IT professional to help you procure an adapter, you panic as meeting attendees start walking in the room, looking forward to your presentation.

So we end up wasting too much time fixing the compatibility issues between your laptop and the projector, and not enough time persuading managers of your big ideas.

Ideally, a BYOD wireless meeting room will allow you to bring any smart device, whether a smartphone or a laptop, to the meeting, and instantly share your presentation to the projector.

Introducing QuattroPod as the plug, click and cast BYOD wireless meeting solution 

QuattroPod is a cross-platform wireless meeting solution that eliminates restrictive cables and allows you to make presentations as easy as a click.

Whether you use an iPhone, Android phone, Windows or macOS laptop, you just bring your favorite device to the meeting, and start making wireless presentations in seconds.

QuattroPod provides meeting attendees with a safe way to present

QuattroPod is designed to be easy to use, so you can focus on your presentations.

  • Bring your favorite mobile or laptop device to make presentations as simple as a click.
  • Works with iPhone, Android, Windows and macOS devices with most popular ports.
  • Free to sit anywhere in the meeting room and not be restricted by the projector cable.
  • Guests can plug and play presentations without the need for company WiFi access.

QuattroPod provides IT staff with less problems

IT professionals will enjoy the security and ease of setup offered by QuattroPod.

  • QuattroPod transmitters and receiver use secure, enterprise level WiFi network to transmit wireless display, giving IT teams less headaches.
  • Plug and play setup means guests do not need to ask for company WiFi passwords, creating less security concerns.
  • Repeatable and consistent setup that can be implemented in any meeting and conference room environment.

How to use QuattroPod to setup wireless meetings

The QuattroPod solution consists of a receiver and multiple transmitters designed for improving productivity in enterprise applications.

The receiver is connected close to the HDMI-compatible big screen, while the transmitters are placed strategically in the conference room, close to the speakers.

wireless presentation laptop to TV
Make wireless presentations for a cleaner demonstration without restrictive cables.

When you attend the meeting, simply sit close to an available transmitter and plug in your smart phone or laptop into it.

Then wireless presentation is as simple as a click of the button on the transmitter, to instantly screen share to the big screen.

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