EZCast Pro

Cable Free in Your Meeting Room

The 4K Plug & Click & Share solution allows you to turn your meeting room to cable free. No App install is needed. True BYOD, and regardless which OS you use, content in your device will cast to the big screen in meeting room. As long your projector or large screen has HDMI interface, we make meeting room presentation easy.

Benefits for Presenter

  • Presenter can use their own device or company’s device
  • Don’t have to spend time to setup or finding the right HDMI cable to the screen
  • Without the need to worry if HDMI cable is long enough
  • Presenter can seat wherever they want in the meeting room

Benefits for Company IT Staff

  • Easy and quick setup the meeting room with less maintenance effort
  • Less cable in the meeting room means less complexity
  • Wireless presentation system can be moved to any meeting room

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