Interactive Learning Technology in Classrooms

Interactive learning in the classroom

Imagine a smart wireless classroom designed for interactive learning, where you can teach by screen sharing any smart device while engaging with students.

Whether you own a Windows, MacBook, iPhone or Android device, you can share content wirelessly to the projector.

And best of all, no cables to restrict your movement.

Why do you need an interactive learning environment?

We are all too familiar with the problems with traditional classrooms.

Where a teacher like yourself stands in front of the class with the best intentions to educate students seated in front of you.

What we end up with is the teacher speaks, and the students either listen or stare into blank space in boredom.

If you choose to teach with visual aids on a projector, your movement is limited by the length of the HDMI cable between the laptop and the projector.

This rigid and inflexible cable means you are restricted to using an HDMI compatible laptop.

Therefore, you lose the opportunity to get closer to students for interactive teaching experience.

Introducing EZCast Pro II as a wireless classroom screen sharing solution

EZCast Pro II is a smart wireless classroom screen sharing receiver, designed to improve student engagement in classes and lectures.

It supports all the major wireless screen sharing protocols, including AirPlay, Miracast and Chromecast mirroring, and EZCast Pro app, to create a complete interactive education solution.

EZCast Pro provides teachers with freedom to educate

EZCast Pro II provides cross-platform connectivity over a WiFi network.

You can use any smart device to make presentations to your class, without worrying about the types of cables, ports, and connectors you need.

  • Whether you use Windows or MacBook, you can forget matching the cables to the ports on your projector and laptops.
  • You can project videos, images and other media content from your iPhone or Android to the big screen, using AirPlay Screen Mirroring or Miracast protocols.
  • You are free to move about the classroom to engage with students to hold their attention.
  • Use the companion EZCast Pro app to browse media contents, websites on the projector.
  • Turn your phone into a document camera to wow your audience.
  • You have complete administrative rights over how students share screens, to promote student interaction without losing control.

EZCast Pro provides students with more opportunities to participate in class

In a classroom where students use tablets and laptops to learn, they are empowered to share wireless content to the big screen.

  • Students can share wireless content to the projector from tablets and laptops, using AirPlay Screen Mirroring and Miracast for show-and-tell.
  • EZCast Pro app enables students to take screenshots of teacher’s presentations and write notes in real-time.
  • Up to 4 device screens can display on the projector in split-screen mode, to encourage student involvement in collaborative teaching.

How to setup EZCast Pro for your interactive classroom

In a classroom using with a projector or an HDTV, a teacher simply plugs the EZCast Pro device to the projector HDMI port to transform it into a wireless smart TV.

interactive classroom using EZCast Pro
The EZCast Pro II dongle transforms the projector into a cross-platform wireless display.

No matter which smart devices you use, whether iPhone, Android phone, Windows or MacBook, you can use EZCast Pro app to setup the dongle to your classroom WiFi network.

Then you can start screen sharing to the projector over WiFi.

This way, you can enjoy BYOD interactive classroom screens and teach from your favorite smartphone or laptop.

You may even become more creative in incorporating digital learning with students.

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