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c-hub wireless multi screen lecture room

College of Planning and Design in NCKU established the C-Hub in 2015 to connect university, industries, and local communities.

C-Hub gathers talents from industries and academia to create synergy and mutually beneficial innovations.

The existing wired presentation system is limited by the length of wires

As a creative center, C-Hub often hosts innovative forums, and industry match-matching conferences, etc.

Although the traditional wired presentation system was able to handle most events, the setup were always limited by the length of wires.

As such, cables are subject to wear and tear.

As C-hub’s conferences grew more popular, their audience grew. C-Hub needed a remote screen mirroring solution visible to the whole room.

Since the length of the wires were not long enough to connect the computer cabinet while the lecturer stands at the back of the hall, C-Hub needed to set up longer wires, and allocate an extra person to make sure the presentation slides are synchronized on different screens.

With this method, C-Hub required an extra manpower and a computer, which occupied a small space in the lecture hall.

C-Hub needs a wireless presentation solution for larger lectures

1. Maintain the existing presentation system and add a new wireless presentation equipment to keep the lecture halls looking tidy, and allows the lecturer to easily interact with listeners.

2. Following the BYOD trend, more and more lecturers will bring their own devices to the presentations. So the wireless presentation system must be able to support different OS devices.

3. Be more efficient with manpower and space within C-Hub.

Use EZCast Pro Dongle II for BYOD wireless screen mirroring Support

I. WiFi display dongle EZCast Pro Dongle II

II. Use multi-screen broadcasting with ProCast app

EZCast Pro Dongle II supports many functions using the proprietary ProCast app.

In this case, C-Hub uses two major functions:

1. Cross platform wireless screen mirroring protocols: Compatible with Android / iOS / Windows / macOS. EZCast Pro Dongle II also natively supports both AirPlay Screen Mirroring and Miracast, ready for wireless screen mirroring from any smart device.

2. Multi-screen broadcasting: Wireless one-to-many screen casting that is easy to setup.

Use ProCast app to setup multiple screens

With support from a professional integrator, GKI, we helped the staff of C-Hub connect EZCast Pro Dongle II to projectors.

We installed the ProCast app, compatible with both Windows and macOS, to the C-Hub computer.

After installing the EZCast Pro II wireless presentation dongle and ProCast app, we tested the system to check if the screens would synchronize without latency.

EZCast Pro solution simplifies the presentation setup

As a result, the EZCast Pro solution simplified the presentation setup, and makes the whole space much cleaner and tidier.

With one-to-many screen casting from ProCast app, C-Hub does not require an extra person to control the screen, while letting the audience enjoy the same experience from every corner of the hall.

No more inflexible wires, while lecturers can be closer to the audience, leading to much more engaged conferences.

“The EZCast Pro Dongle II and ProCast app from EZCast Pro gives us the most convenient wireless presentation experience. We wish to keep upgrading our equipment to wireless solutions.”

Dr. Liou, the CEO of C-Hub.


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