University of Wisconsin-Parkside Lecturers Embrace the Freedom of Wireless Presentations3 min read

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University lectures have traditionally been recognized as rigid and cold, with lecturers standing on a stage, dictating knowledge to students sitting far away in tiered seats.

By using a wireless casting solution, like QuattroPod, lecturers from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside can display wireless content from laptops and smartphones from anywhere in the classroom without being tied down by cables.

The freedom to make presentations from anywhere enables lecturers to create highly flexible, interactive and engaging lessons.

A wireless solution designed for modern university classrooms

The University of Wisconsin-Parkside is a modern university that prides itself on student-centric programs, with close relationships between faculty and students to build unique educational value for each student.

Parkside recognizes the need to invest in the latest education technology to empower both teachers and students in learning.

The traditional wired lecture equipment consists of HDMI cables that link a laptop to the projector.

The tethered solution restricts the presenters’ movement and ties them down at the podium, limiting the presenters’ ability to interact with students.

Therefore, the University has been looking for a wireless BYOD solution that frees lectures from cables.

QuattroPod is one such solution found by the Parkside technology specialist, Jeffrey L Zellmer, to improve knowledge sharing in lectures using wireless screen mirroring.

The QuattroPod unit is currently set up in a large Nursing lab to help instructors deliver informative and engaging lessons to students.

“It allows instructors to be able to move freely within a classroom and show their presentations without having a cable tying them to a specific location,” said Mr Zellmer.

The cross-platform support for QuattroPod also means the lecturers have the option to bring smartphones to make wireless presentations while moving freely around the classroom.

Wireless screen mirroring designed for interactive touch panels

Apart from using QuattroPod to screencast Windows 10 laptops and Blu-ray players, a Promethean Titanium 75″ touch screen is frequently used to bring a different level of collaboration through QuattroPod.

The Touchback Control feature from QuattroPod allows the presenter to control the casting laptop from the Promethean touch screen.

“I like the ability to be able to present wirelessly and get Touchback Control from my Promethean touch panels,” said Mr Zellmer.

This way, the presenter can simply plug and cast to begin making wireless presentations via the touch screen, without the need to transfer files between the touch screen and laptop before class.

An easy-to-use wireless casting solution

Mr Zellmer has extensive experience with most wireless presentation solutions on the market and is the first to identify how easy it is for the instructors to take to QuattroPod.

“I have demonstrated this product to the Nursing instructors as a group once,” said Mr Zellmer. “Since the training, I have not had to revisit this technology to support it from a hardware or user aspect.”

Both the ease-of-use and the reliability of QuattroPod compares favorably against other major providers such as BenQ.

We expect QuattroPod to provide a seamless transition for the University of Wisconsin-Parkside lecturers to BYOD wireless presentations across the campus.


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