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The COMPUTEX Taipei event has come to an end, and Actions Microelectronics (EZCast) had an exciting presence at the exhibition booth. Let’s take a moment to recap some of the highlights and important happenings during the event:

Innovative Wireless Display Solutions

Actions Microelectronics, a leading wireless display solution provider, showcased a wide range of wireless display ICs, product modules, and end products powered by EZCast. The exhibition featured the new Compact Mate seriesEZCast ProAV WT02 and WR02EZCast PocketEZCast Pro QuattroPod T02+EZCast ProAV with EZL, and the more affordable EZCast Beam J4 portable projector.

Actions Microelectronics (EZCast) left a lasting impression at COMPUTEX Taipei 2023 with their impressive showcase of a diverse range of ICs and product modules.
Actions Microelectronics (EZCast) left a lasting impression at COMPUTEX Taipei 2023 with their impressive showcase of a diverse range of ICs and product modules. 

Exclusive Point-to-Point EZCast Wireless Transmission Technology

Actions Microelectronics utilizes its exclusive EZCast protocol to enable point-to-point wireless transmission, allowing screens from devices such as set-top boxes, computers, smartphones, and game consoles to be projected onto displays, TVs, or projectors. The content is transmitted from the transmitter to the receiver, eliminating the need for traditional HDMI cables and overcoming spatial limitations. No Wi-Fi connection or app download is required as the devices automatically pair and connect upon connection. It’s as simple as plug and play, providing utmost convenience.

EZCast for Home Office & Home Entertainment

The Compact Mate series was introduced as the most compact and simplest solution for screen mirroring and screen extension. EZCast Pocket, a brilliant transmitter + receiver kit, allowed users to plug and play their content on the go.

EZCast Pocket and Compact Mate were among the new product launches EZCast unveiled at COMPUTEX.
EZCast Pocket and Compact Mate were among the new product launches EZCast unveiled at COMPUTEX.

Compact, Low Latency, Long Range, and Multi-Device Support— The Wireless Display Future is Near

The EZCast Pocket and Compact Mate series employ Actions Micro’s newly developed chipsets, enabling the products to achieve an incredibly small size of 2cm by 2cm, fitting snugly into an HDMI connector. In terms of performance, they can transmit signals over distances of 30 to 50 meters with a mere 0.05-second delay, setting new benchmarks in the market. With Pocket and Compact Mate products developed by Actions Micro, traditional display cables will gradually become wireless in the visible future.

The newly launched Compact Mate series from Actions Micro lives up to its name by being extremely compact and portable, easily fitting in pockets or bags. It requires no app installation or Wi-Fi connection and can be used instantly on mobile devices and TVs. In addition to supporting HDMI devices like laptops, the Compact Mate series also works with USB-C ports on smartphones and tablets that support the DisplayPort video transmission protocol. Below are the contents of the various versions of the newly launched Compact Mate series:

• Compact Mate2: HDMI/USB-C Transmitter + HDMI Receiver

• Compact Mate3: USB-C Transmitter + HDMI Receiver

• Compact Mate4: USB-C Transmitter + HDMI Receiver. When connected to a USB power adapter, the Mate4 transmitter can charge mobile devices.

EZCast Beam for Portable Entertainment

The EZCast Beam J4a, an Android-powered portable Wi-Fi projector, and the EZCast Beam J4, the best portable Wi-Fi projector for camping, were showcased, offering fantastic portable entertainment options. 

The EZCast Beam J4a and EZCast Beam J4 are both exceptional portable projectors with impressive features. EZCast Beam J4a stands out with its built-in entertainment capabilities, allowing easy access to popular streaming apps like Netflix and YouTube without the need for an additional TV stick. It also offers automatic vertical keystone correction for quick image adjustments. On the other hand, EZCast Beam J4 excels in delivering an exceptional experience during outdoor movie nights and gaming sessions. Both projectors boast DLP technology and 300 Lumens brightness, enabling clear and sharp images on screens up to 100″. With long-lasting batteries and extensive connectivity options, including support for 2.4G/5G WiFi and various device compatibility, these projectors offer convenience and versatility. Both models provide excellent options for portable projection needs.

EZCast Pro for Enterprises

EZCast Pro AV, a scalable and flexible audio/video extending solution with zero latency, was highlighted. The cost-saving design of EZCast Pro AV makes it ideal for devices, backbones, and deployments. Additionally, the QuattroPod T02+ enables users to share materials from a document camera.

Visitors to the booth had the opportunity to view these products and experience real-time demos. The extensive range of offerings demonstrated the commitment of EZCast to providing cutting-edge wireless display solutions.

EZCast’s presence at COMPUTEX Taipei 2023 was well-received, attracting attention from partners, distributors, and attendees. The range of wireless display solutions presented offered innovative ways to enhance business, education, and entertainment experiences. As the event concluded, EZCast looks forward to future endeavors and continued advancements in wireless casting technology.

Stay tuned for more updates from EZCast as they redefine the future of wireless display solutions and smart office technology.

About Actions Microelectronics and EZCast

Actions Microelectronics is a leading supplier of wireless display solutions, offering OEM/ODM services ranging from ICs to modules and end products. EZCast is the technology brand of Actions Microelectronics and is widely recognized for its application software. Leveraging Action Micro’s chipsets and EZCast’s transmission technology, Action Micro provides wireless display chip platforms and related services for consumer, educational, commercial, and industrial applications. For more information, please visit our official website at, follow us on Facebook @iezcast, or check out our YouTube channel @EZCast.

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