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EdTech Trends

It’s an interesting moment in the education industry. We are collectively getting more comfortable with the idea of integrating technology into the academic world. In the past, the education industry was getting left behind in terms of technology integration. Today, we can see the impact that technology is leaving on it. 

Let’s take a look at the top EdTech trends:

1. Gamification is a Way of Motivation

We all know that most learning methods are boring and require constant effort. However, setting next-level progression, challenges, or objectives can make learning enjoyable and exciting. Gamification is an education technique that transfers game mechanics into the educational or institutional field. All of this, with the aim of achieving better results. 

Edtech Trend of 2022-Gamification
Gamification will be a big part of the EdTech trends this year.

For example, the student that finishes the assignment first will receive a reward. Otherwise, the student who participates the most will get a badge. 

Applying these dynamic and proper games into the classroom or business will improve engagement. Studies show that 95% of employees enjoy working in an environment inspired by games.

2. Short Learning will Replace Traditional Courses

Most traditional courses require a lot of time and concentration, which are a luxury in our society. Besides, according to research, our attention span has dramatically decreased in the last 15 years. That’s why EdTech companies are now creating content in small sizes to meet the user’s needs. 

It is no longer necessary to spend hours and hours studying. Nowadays, you can use a learning app and just spend 5-15 minutes per day to keep updating your knowledge.

3. Interactive Learning Spaces will Foster Engagement

Integrating digital interactivity into the classroom is at the heart of Edtech's progress. According to the Future of the Classroom report, the architecture of educational spaces affects up to 25% of the academic progress of students in a school year.

These spaces foster the student’s engagement through the use of different assets. Learning spaces are usually equipped with a TV, whiteboard, or other projection sources. These allow teachers and students to project from their smartphones.

EdTech Trends-Use Pro Box II or Pro Dongle II to enhance interactive spaces

For example, wireless presentation systems like Pro Box II or Pro Dongle II support screen sharing from most smartphones and laptops. Making it easier for students to share content from their own devices. Instead of just sitting to listen to the teacher; students can debate ideas, share content and help one another. In addition, you can display the same content on many screens. In this way, showing step-by-step tutorials will be more convenient and easier. Overall, digital interactivity implemented in the classroom helps students to learn better.

4. Knowledge is Within the Reach of a Click

More than 80% of the world’s population owns a smartphone and that number will continue to grow. Most students take advantage of their smartphones as the primary medium to keep up with hybrid or remote learning. 

EdTech Trends-Knowledge is within the reach of a click

Therefore, EdTech companies are developing apps that are accessible anytime and anywhere. For example, you can learn when you are in the metro or when you are waiting to enter the bank. Mobile devices are becoming the main instruments of education. 

5. Hybrid Learning is Booming

Hybrid learning is one of the most booming Edtech trends in the pandemic. Due to the fact, that is an approach to education that combines in-person instruction with one or more forms of online distance instruction. This trend has solidified through the pandemic and it helps to expand possibilities of communication in the education sector.

EdTech Trends-Hybrid Learning is Booming

Students can access everything that happens in the classroom anytime and anywhere. They can still make progress even though they missed some lessons. In this way, learning has gradually become student-centered. 

One of its main advantages is that it offers flexible schedules. In addition, it reduces the cost of transportation and work/study materials.

These EdTech Trends are Here to Stay

The pandemic has normalized digital and remote education. However, these EdTech trends will transcend the future. Thus, will influence the way we learn and interact with each other. It is critical that educators start implementing them.

Taking them into consideration will enhance the classroom environment and the students will be able to exercise critical thinking in an interactive space. If you would like to integrate tools for interactive classrooms and enhance hybrid learning. You can implement a wireless presentation solution like EZCast Pro series or contact us for more classroom solutions!

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