Beijing InfoComm China 2020: Strengthening Enterprise Through Cutting-edge Technologies and Solutions with EZCast Pro2 min read

Beijing, 30 September 2020 - Beijing InfoComm China 2020 concluded on a positive note. During the 3-day period, all the world-famous manufacturers displayed their innovative products and solutions that included Wireless Display, Automation, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, and other smart technologies that will be empowering enterprises to increase productivity and capitalize on new opportunities in the post-pandemic landscape.

EZCast, as a leading brand in the field of wireless display, brings various brand-new products and solutions, attracting numerous visitors and receiving a lot of positive feedback. Many corporations further expressed their interests in EZCast products and looked forward to a bright future in the field of wireless display.

EZCast Product Lineup


QuattroPod series is powerful equipment empowering users to perform plug-and-cast, split-screen, multiple display, smart touchback, and remote content management. A fundamental set of QuattroPod includes a Transmitter and a Receiver. Users can simply plug the transmitter into the source and plug the receiver into a TV or a screen and it’s ready to cast. A newer model of a transmitter (QuattroPod USB) supporting various sources highly attracts the visitors’ eyes. It allows users to share their content via USB Type-A, USB Type-C or mobile phone, especially for some enterprises, where staff are not allowed to install an application on their devices, USB Type-C port will be the best option.

EZCast Pro 

EZCast Pro Box II and EZCast Pro Dongle II are equipped with the functions of multiple display, smart touchback, and remote content management. Both models are designed for the contexts of large-scale exhibitions, concert stages, and auditorium, allowing users to cast their content smoothly without any cables.

EZCast Pro Box II
EZCast Pro Dongle II

EZCast Home Entertainment

EZCast also displayed their home-entertainment products, e.g. Mini Box, EZCast Ultra, and MagicEther, etc. For home users, reliability is the term for this lineup. To the end, EZCast strives for high compatibility, voice control, and network monitoring to ensure better user experience.

EZCast Beam Projector

Besides EZCast Beam J2 (a mini projector published in 2018), a newer model, EZCast Beam V3, was released this year. It’s the world’s first portrait mode LCD projector that allows users to cast their mobile content with full screen. The 120 Hz high refresh rate ensures users have the smoothest gaming experience. Furthermore, Bluetooth speaker, multi-functional expansion interface, high compatibility with various operating systems make it the best choice.

EZCast Prospects

EZCast has been putting efforts to satisfy our customers by providing outstanding products and solutions. Grounded upon the field of wireless display, EZCast keeps moving forward as a pioneer in the field of wireless display. We believe that good customer service is the key to success. The belief drives us to provide more outstanding products and solutions. We’re looking forward to seeing each other next year.


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