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Presenting has been a very crucial skill since we were engaged in school. A presentation not only helps us organize our thoughts but also a very important way to deliver your thoughts and what you have known to others. Thus, mastering presentation techniques allows you to take to it like a duck to water. Here are 5 KNOWS you should focus on when you perform a presentation.

1. Know your audience

As in marketing activities, you need to understand your “Target Audience.” Before giving a presentation, understanding what your audience want to know is the first step you should take. Instead of telling them what you know, telling them what they want or need to know is much more important and could further connect them during the presentation. An easy example is that when your audience is the management, who cares so much about the revenue and profit, the information you should provide them with is about the business report and how your actions could make profits for them.

2. Know your core message

Outlining your presentations, keep the following questions in mind: “What is the purpose of the presentation?” or “What messages should the audience take away?” The question will be the guideline to keep you walk in the right direction and avoid presenting something irrelevant.

3. Know how to start with an emphasis

Grab your audience’s attention at the beginning. Research shows that the attention span of adults is around 10-20 minutes. Therefore, how you can capture your audience’s eyes will happen at the very beginning of your presentation. You can start with a story, state a shocking statistic or headline or address the topic directly so that your audience know what you’re going to talk about and they will then keep focused on your presentation.

4. Know how to convey your messages with a story

Dividing the presentations into different categories, quantitative reports are easier to convey the messages. However, what if we want to propose a new idea and get the bosses convinced? The basic idea is to draw a picture and sell a dream to them. However, research reveals that the nature of human beings tends to listen to stories, which makes storytelling very persuasive means to convey your messages and persuade others.

5. Know your slides very well

Being familiar with your materials is extremely crucial. Keeping a good flow of your presentation will show your confidence and show how much you know about the topic you present. Never ever let the bad flow ruin your efforts. If there are too many slides, write down on a piece of paper as a reminder. Keep in mind that you just have to write the key points rather than the whole speech you’re going to give.


Mastering presentation techniques helps to better communicate with others. By giving presentations, it allows you to tell others what you have recently done or what you have known. During the process, how we capture others’ attention, how we organize our information, and how we deliver our message, including the manner we perform the presentations are important lessons we should learn. To make your presentation process more smooth, you can also use some tools and techniques to assist you. Here are some examples for your reference:

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