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Computex EZCast

EZCast is attending Computex Taipei at Hall 1 of Taipei World Trade Center during June 5-9.

Central to our exhibition is the latest plug and play mini projector, EZCast Beam J2. It uses the latest DLP technology from Texas Instrument and supports screen mirroring from iOS, Android, Windows and Mac smart devices, based on EZCast’s proprietary Wi-Fi display and plug and play screen mirroring solutions. It is the perfect travel companion for both business and leisure.

We have dedicated an Experience Zone for you to try EZCast Beam for yourself. So you can instantly screen mirror your mobile phone content to the big screen for a true “Cast Your Smartphone Anytime, Anywhere” experience.

Also on display at our booth are the latest technologies in screen mirroring home entertainment, EZCast 2, and wireless presentation for conference rooms, QuattroPod.

EZCast 2’s dual band 2.4GHz/5GHz wireless antenna offers you the best wireless display experience for your living room TV at a fraction of the cost of a smart TV.

QuattroPod combines plug and play with wireless display technologies to let every meeting room support BYOD wireless presentations, so you can concentrate on giving the best presentations, and not worry about HDMI cables and cross platform compatibility.

For the first time, EZCast will showcase our collaboration with Acer to upgrade Acer projectors and monitors with cross platform wireless display solutions.

Where is our booth?

Our booth is located in 1F of TWTC Hall 1, at booth D0616.

EZCast at Computex 2018
EZCast in 1F of TWTC Hall 1, at booth D0616.


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