What You May Have Missed at IFA 20183 min read

EZCast Pro at IFA 2018

EZCast attended IFA 2018 at Berlin ExpoCenter City during September and displayed the latest screen mirroring technologies for business, education and personal applications.

EZCast has long been a leader in screen mirroring technologies, with EZCast catering to personal home casting needs, and EZCast Pro series focusing on business and education applications.

EZCast Beam J2 is the first mini projector designed for smartphones

The main exhibit at EZCast’s booth was EZCast Beam J2, the first mini projector designed specifically for screen mirroring iPhones and Android phones.

With flexibility in both wireless and plug and play screen mirroring, EZCast Beam J2 redefines portable screen mirroring applications, and charges your smartphone while projecting at the same time.

EZCast Beam hands on at IFA 2018
EZCast Beam J2 hands-on zone for playing mobile games on the mini projector.

The internal battery is made up of 3 packs of 3000 mAh batteries so it can charge your smartphone while screen mirroring a full length movie.

Nintendo Switch with EZCast Beam
Playing Nintendo Switch on EZCast Beam J2.

EZCast Beam J2 utilises Texas Instruments’ latest DLP technology to create the brightest portable projector of its class at 300 Lumens.

This allows you to play mobile games or even game consoles on camping trips so you are never bored outdoors again.

EZCast 2 is the next generation of universal wireless display receivers

EZCast 2 was also on display at IFA 2018.

It is the latest editions to EZCast wireless screen mirroring solutions.

EZCast 2’s addition of 5GHz Wi-Fi to existing 2.4GHz connectivity means wireless display from phones and laptops will be smoother and more stable than ever with lower latency.

EZCast 2 and EZCast 4K
EZCast 2 and EZCast 4K have dual 2.4G/5G Wi-Fi to create clearer screen mirroring images with lower latency.

EZCast announced a collaboration with Acer to introduce EZCast products to Acer monitors and projectors. This is a great opportunity to upgrade Acer monitors and projectors with wireless screen mirroring capabilities.

QuattroPod brings wireless presentations to meeting rooms

We also displayed the the next generation of wireless meeting technologies from EZCast Pro, the QuattroPod.

QuattroPod challenges the common perception that it takes HDMI cables to make great presentations in meeting rooms.

Customer visit during IFA 2018
QuattroPod generated a lot of interests from IT professionals of businesses and education.

Combining EZCast’s expertise in screen sharing movies, QuattroPod can screen cast fluid presentations and videos wirelessly at much lower latency than competing devices.

QuattroPod also combined the plug and play screen mirroring technology to make it more flexible in click and casting both smartphones and laptops.

Overall, EZCast had a great show at IFA 2018, and we hope to see you again next year.


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