EZCast Pro Demos New QuattroPod T02+, Wireless and Multicasting Display Devices at ISE 20223 min read

Introducing new Miracast split-screen mirroring technology to wireless display product lines

New Taipei City, Taiwan, May 4, 2022 – EZCast, a leading innovator of wireless display technologies, has announced EZCast Pro will be attending will attend ISE 2022 where it will showcase a range of products that focus on professional and educational applications, including the EZCast ProAV, EZCast Pro series, and QuattroPod series.

EZCast Pro AV at ISE 2022

Join EZCast Pro at ISE 2022, Fira Barcelona, Gran Via Hall 2 #2J100, May 10th to 13th 2022.

New QuattroPod T02+

The QuattroPod T02+ is ideal for presentation in hybrid work/educational needs. This plug-and-play USB dongle provides 1-to-many display multicasting. The QuattroPod T02+ easily connects via USB to any laptop, allowing HDMI input from a camera, DVD/BD disc player, or other HDMI-equipped devices, capturing the display stream and transmitting it into virtual meeting apps such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and other meeting Apps. Connected to a QuattroPod Receiver R01, the feed can be wirelessly streamed to a large TV or monitor for others to view the presentation. Up to four transmitters can connect to a receiver for a four-way split-screen or switched between each of them. A smart touchback function enables presenters to interact with the display.

Learn more about the QuattroPod series: https://ezcast-pro.com/quattropod-series-backup/

EZCast ProAV

The EZCast ProAV provides scalable and flexible IP-based display extension solutions with the options of wired (Ethernet) and wireless (Wi-Fi) connectivity. It can transmit up to an extended 200m distance (wireless open area) and provides scalability and a modular design that supports extenders, splitters, and switches in various ProAV deployments. Using a unique, in-house designed SoC, the EZCast ProAV goes beyond others to integrate video, audio, and interface signals over IP-based connections. A centralized management system (CMS) is available allowing all connected devices to be remotely controlled, while a built-in KVM feature means users now don’t require an additional adapter.

Learn more about the EZCast ProAV: https://ezcast-pro.com/ezcast-proav/

EZCast Prove and QuattroPod debut new products at ISE 2022

EZCast Pro series

Designed for easy and reliable wireless broadcasting in education environments and student collaboration scenarios, the EZCast Pro series supports real-time note-taking where students can interact with the presentation in real-time. It allows 1-to-many multi-casting and up to four-way split-screen via Google Cast, AirPlay, and the newly added Miracast. The EZCast Pro includes Pro Dongle II and EZCast Pro Box II.
Learn more about the EZCast Pro series: https://ezcast-pro.com/ezcast-pro/

If media would like to visit the EZCast Pro booth at ISE, please register at https://ezcast-pro.com/contact-us/

EZCast Pro series at ISE 2022

About EZCast Pro

EZCast Pro is owned by Actions Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Located in New Taipei City, Taiwan, it creates audio-visual and digital wireless accessories with integral support for Cloud services, for professional, education, and business-focused markets. From chip to a product through its in-house design efforts, EZCast Pro aims to assist in moving the world from wired to wireless, empowering people with freedom of mobility and to use digital products without restriction. To date, more than 10 million users around the world use EZCast Pro solutions, and our technologies and solutions are trusted by dozens of major brands worldwide. Learn more about EZCast Pro at www.ezcast-pro.com. Reach us on YouTube: @EZCast Pro or LinkedIn: @EZCast Pro.


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