EZCast Pro Showcases New Era of AV over IP Solution with ZERO Latency at ISE 20223 min read

ISE 2022 has concluded on a positive note. EZCast Pro, the global leader in the field of wireless display, showcased a full line of wireless display solutions mainly for the education, enterprise, and digital signage audiovisual markets.

Its booth design was shortlisted for Best Booth Design at ISE 2022 and was mainly divided into three sections: education market, enterprise market, and the most eye-catching EZCast ProAV, which widely meets the needs of various industries. 

Unpacking the Concept of Bring-Your-Own-Meeting (BYOM) – Newly Launched Transmitter T02+

Bring-Your-Own-Meeting (BYOM) is a new trend that allows users to mirror their screen locally to a larger display and simultaneously share the same screen through online conferencing software such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meeting. 

To take into account both local and remote conference participants, EZCast Pro launched its new QuattroPod Transmitter — T02+, featuring USB Video Class (UVC) format, plug, and cast, one-to-many multicasting, up to 4 Split Screens, and is highly compatible with mainstream online conference applications. 

Visitors at ISE 2022 showed great interest in the newly launched T02+ for its USB Video Class format. Since most companies require their employees to take turns coming to the office, most conference needs to be held online to take into account those who work at home. See below for the application of the new transmitter T02+.

Highly Scalable and Flexible Solutions with ZERO Latency – EZCast ProAV

EZCast ProAV has gained enormous success since its launch. Its connection over IP allows users to leverage their current infrastructure and the AV over IP connection makes EZCast ProAV highly scalable and flexible along with the growth of the business. There are Ethernet (ET/ER) and wireless (WT/WR) models, perfectly suited to all kinds of use scenarios. 

At ISE 2022, EZCast Pro showcased its WT/WR, the world’s first wireless AV over IP Extender/

Splitter/Switch, as their flagship product. Featuring up to 150m long-distance transmission, 4K resolution, and 255 smart channel switching, users can take advantage of the products at exhibitions, digital signage, or other activities that require long-distance transmission. 

Based on the success of its predecessors, EZCast Pro also announced its upcoming new ProAV product with almost ZERO latency via Ethernet. Inheriting all the excellent functions of its predecessors, EZCast Pro Team lowered the compression rate and thus achieved almost zero-latency transmission. 

The new EZCast ProAV with zero latency features:

  • HDMI 1080p60 with ZERO latency
  • Lossless quality & low compression rate
  • Up to 150m long-distance transmission
  • In-house designed chip – AM8360D
  • Leverage your current infrastructure

Integrating Miracast Split-screen Feature into Education Market – EZCast Pro Series

EZcast Pro series has been well-known in the education industry. It has helped lots of schools transform their traditional classrooms into smart classrooms and the interaction between students and teachers has also been promoted. 

Breaking through technical limitations, the Miracast split-screen feature has also been integrated into EZCast Pro series, allowing users to have more options while comparing their contents. Now, users can share their screens via Google Cast, AirPlay, or Miracast. 

EZCast Pro series features:

  • New feature – up to 4 split screen with Miracast
  • Wireless multi-screen broadcasting with Procast App
  • Real-time note-taking tools for students
  • Host control
  • 5GHz Wi-Fi network connectivity


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