EZCast Pro Launches Latest WiFi Display Technology at InfoComm2 min read

EZCast Pro at InfoComm

EZCast Pro is attending InfoComm 2017 during June 14-16 in Orlando, Florida, and is bringing the next generation of WiFi display gadgets to the show.

EZCast Pro is known to be a leader in commercial and education WiFi display applications. Thousands of conference rooms and classrooms around the world are using EZCast Pro devices to mirror and cast presentations wirelessly.

With EZCast Pro Box’s cross platform compatibility and features to administer multiple presentations on the big screen, it has been a staple in futuristic conference rooms and classrooms.

We are adding the EZLauncher and Quattro to the EZCast Pro family to streamline the wireless display technology further, to make screen casting as simple as a click of a button.

EZLauncher for EZCast Pro Box
EZLauncher brings click and display to EZCast Pro Box.

EZLauncher’s minimalistic design comes in a round package with a single button connected to a USB cable. It is able to pair the presenter, a laptop, to the receiver, an EZCast Pro Box, via USB ports with just a click. It takes screen mirroring usability to a whole different level.

QuattroPod transmitter and receiver
QuattroPod keeps conference room projection easy, without compromising network security.

QuattroPod is a next generation conference room wireless display technology that pairs devices directly.

This removes the need for presenters to set up transmitters and receivers in the local network, which is especially useful in meeting rooms with restricted network access.

With QuattroPod, asking for IT support to setup network access for guests will be a thing of the past.


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