5 Powerful Functions of EZCast Pro Central Management System (CMS)3 min read

CMS provides a single user-friendly interface to administer and monitor different devices. Consolidate updates and backups, and optimize the management and grouping of your units in a safe environment. This tool by EZCast Pro makes IT administrators’ lives so much easier.

CMS stands for Central Management System and what it allows you to do is manage a great number of EZCast devices from one location in an efficient and convenient way.

CMS adds flexibility and strength to the ways EZCast Pro servers are administered. You will be wondering why you didn’t find this tool earlier.

It delivers a single board to monitor, manage, and oversee the status of multiple devices. Furthermore, you can perform a batch update for different groups of devices respectively.

For example, you can perform a batch update for all the devices of the Marketing department but leave the devices of Research and Development at the current version they are.

We can update the remote and local units on CMS, and see all the installed products and updates. Groups of units can be created to manage  devices from different departments.

1. Smart device grouping

You can group all the units into different sub-groups, which turns advantageous when you need to pull off different settings to your units from one place. Grouping your QuattroPod and EZCast Pro devices can make IT management easier.  To illustrate this, different configurations can be deployed automatically to each group based on your use scenarios. You can create different groups for each department in your office and create different settings depending on the group.

2. Mass deployment and configuration

This tool can be used for large scale management, allowing you to monitor more than 255 units. CMS will help to build a more consistent infrastructure within the organization. This characteristic allows you to handle your devices and accelerate deployment more effectively.

3. Automation of IT Operations

This function can be used as daily maintenance automation. CMS is designed to automate daily IT operations like automatic update, automatic restart, and automatic collection of logs. From now on, IT management has become much simpler.

4. Emergency Alert System

The emergency broadcast tool can be used when an unexpected incident happens. During an emergency, a CMS admin can disable screen mirroring and announce an emergency evacuation. Therefore, it can make your company a safer place.

5. Digital Signage Management

Set up the wireless digital signage system with ease. By using CMS, we can turn your laptop into a digital signage server and control center.

  • CMS can manage the content of many screens.
  • CMS can control multiple digital signage equipped with EZCast Pro or QuattroPod.

In conclusion, this is an incredible management platform, if you administer multiple EZCast devices you should definitely take a look at the CMS.

  • This tool has a simple visualization in which you can change your passwords and assign administrators so that you have better control of the security.
  • You will be able to handle all the tasks in an efficient and uncomplicated way.
  • It allows us to visualize constantly the operational safety and system condition.
  • It combines all the servers and summarizes all the important information of multiple locations in a single interface.

Take advantage of this innovative solution that allows you to reduce energy and maintenance expenditure.

You will be able to administer your office by the click of a button.

Even if you manage hundreds of devices, you can do it all from one place.

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