4 Productive Ways of Working on a Hybrid Office or Workplace3 min read

Hybrid working in the new circumstances

Since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived at the beginning of this year, companies and employees from all around the world have begun learning to blend remote work and face-to-face work. In this circumstance, we must face the fact that enterprises will need more resources to advance into a more unique technological aspect. Wireless display will be one of the leading technologies in this new innovative reality. In other words, there will be a change in the conventional business organization paradigm.

How to leverage EZCast Pro technologies in a hybrid working environment

1. EZCast is a solution that enables effective intercommunication and teamwork in both physical and digital realms.

Increased virtual engagement has become a must since COVID-19 has changed the themes of communication and collaboration. Since many offices are still slowly opening, the physical realm of our office will experience a change.

Innovation and wireless display technology will characterize success or failure in the new “normality”. Our enterprise meeting tool is the perfect solution. QuattroPod USB allows attendees in a meeting to make wireless presentations from a laptop or phone.

Whether a meeting presenter uses a Windows, a Mac, an iPhone or an Android phone, the QuattroPod USB transmitter can simplify connection to any device with a simple USB port.

2. EZCast Pro hardware security is a priority

The organizations have to become more careful with their cybersecurity, as sensitive content travels the network.
Thus, EZCast Pro also provides exclusive ways of security embedded in the products. Our products follow the next security protocols:

Enterprise Grade Wi-Fi Security: WPA/WPA2, PEAP, MSCHAPv2, TLS
Encryption Standard: AES 128-bit

3. EZCast Pro enables new ways of management in the new environment

With EZCast Pro, business employees can share their presentations and different digital resources to multiple screens within a big conference room or even across different rooms.

This sharing happens securely through the office’s network. So any places where there is Wi-Fi coverage, the presenter or team leader can communicate from a remote position with the other team members.

Most importantly, the adjustment can be made based on their physical presence, because there are not connected cables to a single spot or room.

While many employees used to utilize company supplied hardware, the pandemic has made a shift in the number of employees using their own devices for virtual gatherings or data exchange.

With EZCast Pro, each employee can use either their own Android or iPhone smartphones to share their content instead of using their company devices. This is available by using Airplay, Miracast, or Chromecast for EZCast Pro and Airplay or Chromecast for our QuattroPod series.

4. EZCast conference application can be used for face-to-face interaction even when working remotely

Our products allow a conference call to be made side to side with screen sharing. Also, the installation is not complicated and with CMS, the device management and digital signage can be done remotely, which means that the IT members won’t have to touch other computers and equipment as often.

Besides, it is easier for IT admins to manage all
the devices as they can access to all the products by using their CMS account. Another option, EZCast Pro II Dongle
and ProCast app are designed to offer 1-to-1 or 1-to-many screen wireless
presentation solutions in large venues while reducing wiring complexity and
equipment costs.

In conclusion, the future will come with an expansion of companies that will invest in technology with the virtual interaction that can be better integrated.

Learning how to implement these innovations will be crucial. When applied properly, hybrid work models will permit corporations to recruit talent more efficiently, accomplish advancement in innovation, and add value to all the stakeholders and partners. With EZCast wireless display solutions, any companies will be able to start implementing productive ways of hybrid work. EZCast is the best technology for working remotely.


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