AVWIN Delivers Wireless Display to Heibei Prosecutor’s Office2 min read

Hebei public prosecutor office conference room EZCast Pro

A Procuratorate in China is where public prosecutors in China work to uphold the law and justice in the country.

It takes a company of impeccable quality and reputation, such as AVWIN, to provide conference room and AV solutions to a prosecutor’s office in Heibei province.

Hebei public prosecutor office
EZCast Pro solution provides wireless display technology in the prosecutor office’s conference room.

AVWIN has partnered with EZCast Pro to deliver a secure and state-of-the-art wireless meeting room solution to the Procuratorate’s conference room.

The solution will improve the convenience and efficiency of meetings within the office, and allow local prosecutors to continue serving the local people and the justice system.

About AVWIN Corporation

AVWIN Corporation China specialises in research and development, production, sales and services in specialised high-tech AV equipments.

AVWIN’s product offerings include high-definition transmission systems, intelligent conferencing systems, central control systems, matrix switching system and screen splicing systems.

AVWIN is a leader in professional AV equipment.

AVWIN has provided high-tech solutions to more than 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in China, and are widely used in the army, armed police, public security, post and telecommunications, transportation, aerospace, railway, water conservancy, electric power, securities, flood prevention, petroleum, chemical industry, finance, taxation, industry and commerce, hospitals, schools, colleges and universities.

It is one of the most influential brand in the AV industry.


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