JECTOR Brings Wireless Classes to 1200 Schools in Hualien1 min read

EZCast Pro and Jector in classroom

Image source, JECTOR.

JECTOR Digital System Inc., an expert in mobile and e-Learning classroom solutions, has partnered with EZCast Pro to provide more than 1200 wireless display devices to primary and junior high schools in Hualien County, Taiwan.

Hualien County is known for the picturesque scenery and friendly locals. Despite being one of the most rural counties in Taiwan, local schools continue to invest heavily in educational resources to provide students with the best education possible.

Since founding in 2001, JECTOR has been an expert in bringing the latest educational technologies to classrooms to boost student engagement and teaching effectiveness. Notable technologies include interactive projectors and whiteboards, and high definition interactive screens.

In December 2017, JECTOR combined their e-Learning expertise and EZCast Pro’s wireless display technology to bring more than 1200 classrooms in Hualien County to the future. The notetaking feature, EZNote, is especially welcomed by teachers and students alike to improve knowledge retention in classes.


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