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EZCast Pro at InfoComm China

EZCast Pro is attending InfoComm China 2018 in Beijing on April 11-13.

We are showcasing two of the latest conference room wireless presentation technologies, QuattroPod and EZCast Pro Box, each with its unique application.

QuattroPod conference room technology that just works

Do you get frustrated that the conference room technology you have is so difficult to use?

Or you just simply don’t have the plug required to make presentations from your Macbook?

QuattroPod combines plug and play with one click screen sharing technology to make every conference room more efficient with wireless presentations.

Plug and play with a click to cast interface.

No matter if you use Android, iPhone, Windows or Mac machines, all you need to do is plug in a cable and click to start your presentation.

EZCast Pro Solution that improves student engagement

How can you make sure every student in class is on the same page?

You need a technology that wireless sync every tablet screen in front of the students, just like our EZCast Pro solution.

An EZCast Pro Box seamlessly combines with a touch screen TV to turn it into an interactive whiteboard for you.

Use EZCast Pro solution to improve student engagement.

While EZCast Pro app broadcasts the presentation wirelessly to all the tablets in a classroom.

The students can also use the EZNote function to take screenshots and annotate key points to help recall lessons before exams.

Where is our booth?

Visit our booth at Hall C, booth CC3-01-C, to get a hands-on experience of our latest wireless presentation technologies.

EZCast Pro InfoComm China floor map
EZCast Pro in Hall C, at booth CC3-01-C.


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