Autosenz Launches EZCast Pro Bundle Pack Offer in India1 min read

Autosenz EZCast Pro Philips bundle

Autosenz Technologies has partnered with EZCast Pro to launch an EZCast Pro dongle bundle offer with Philips Professional Display Solutions, in India.

The offer combines Philips’ line of digital signage and display solutions with EZCast Pro’s wireless presentation technology to bring you smart displays that can be controlled wirelessly.

Autosenz Philips professional display EZCast Pro bundle offer
EZCast Pro dongle bundle offer from Autosenz Technologies.

What are the applications for wireless smart displays

Wireless smart displays can be used in classrooms to improve student engagements by making it easy for teachers and students alike to make presentations from anywhere in the classroom, without tripping over cables.

Conference rooms of the future can also benefit from such wireless solutions, by eliminating cables once and for all, and create a true BYOD workplace where you can present ideas and documents with both smartphones and laptops.

You can also increase trade show visitor engagements by upgrading your exhibition booth with wireless display technology.

The EZCast Pro solution can allow you to add screens in creative locations and control them in a user friendly way.

About Autosenz Technologies

Autosenz Technologies is a company specialized in bringing most innovative, smart and unique technology products to India. Its parent company is based out of USA where most of the product design, concept innovation, R&D happens. Autosenz India focuses on application development, software development, customisation & unique AV product distribution.

Autosenz associates with leading equipment manufacturers to deliver innovative, effective solutions with precision and commitment. The audio visual industry is high tech and very dynamic, with technology improving constantly.


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