EZCast Pro at Infocomm

New Taipei City, Taiwan, November 01, 2021 – As a global leader of wireless display technologies, EZCast was present at InfoComm USA 2021, North America’s largest professional audiovisual trade show, highlighting their wireless lineups and launching their latest wireless AV over IP extender/splitter/switcher.

EZCast at Infocomm USA 2021

Key Products on display includes:

EZCast ProAV

The latest AV over IP lineup introduced in early 2021 features up to 200m long-distance transmission, high flexibility, as well as its high scalability, allowing users to add more devices along with the growth of their business. The encoders/decoders can also leverage users’ infrastructure without extra installation effort.

EZCast Pro AV encoders at Infocomm USA 2021

The early launched ET/ER is via Ethernet connected; the new wireless version WT/WR allows users to wirelessly transmit the audiovisual signals up to 200m. Both versions provide up to 4K output and stand out in the market with their built-in KVM port. Supporting up to 255 channels, users can switch the sources and display what they want.

EZCast Pro AV encoders displayed at Infocomm 2021

QuattroPod Series

Awarded at COMPUTEX 2019, QuattroPod is proved to be a powerful wireless presentation system, and its lineup ranges from entry-level to advanced level. Supporting up to 4K output, users can enjoy a vivid visual experience while engaged in a conference. Featuring up to 4 split-screen and one-to-many multicasting, users can highly improve the efficiency in a meeting.

QuattroPod includes three kinds of transmitters T01, T02, U01, designed to meet various users’ demands. During the exhibition, U01 gained the most attention for its Type-C connectivity, a single cable solution for data delivery and power supply, highly attracting most potential buyers.

EZCast Pro QuattroPod with type-c connectivity at Infocomm 2021

EZCast Pro

Another spotlight was on the EZCast Pro series (Pro Dongle II / Pro Box II). Although the EZCast Pro series has been recognized for a while in the market, its new feature Miracast Split Screen still aroused a lot of interest. Miracast is a point-to-point casting protocol and allows only one-to-one casting. The EZCast Team has broken through the limit and allows users to take advantage of the feature of up to 4 split screens while casting via Miracast protocol. The innovative breakthrough makes the product multifunctional, which can be further applied to a variety of scenarios.

EZCast Pro  series at Infocomm 2021

About EZCast

EZCast Pro, owned by Actions Microelectronics Co., Ltd, is dedicated to providing the best wireless collaboration and presentation experiences for the meeting room, classroom, and beyond.

Actions Micro was founded in 2006 as an IC Design business. In 2013, they began finished products development, acting as a valuable OEM partner with many well-recognized Professional A/V brands. With EZCast Pro, they continue their tradition of developing high-quality wireless casting and collaboration solutions, both in software and hardware.

EZCast Pro has invested in R&D for its own ICs, hardware, and software. This vertical integration allows us to be experts in every step of product development. The brand already has channel partners in Asia and Europe, and we are now proudly launching products with channel partners in the US. We at EZCast Pro are committed to providing solid, innovative, and practical solutions to give users and our channel partners an amazing experience.

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