EZCast Pro and Worathan’s Long-term Partnership and Professional Training3 min read

Seminar at Worathan’s 10th Anniversary

On Tuesday, July 26, 2022, Worathan Technology Co., Ltd. hosted a technology seminar at the Grand Fortune Hotel to celebrate the company’s 10th anniversary. Several brands and dealers joined the exclusive event to celebrate the occasion. EZCast Pro attended the seminar to give a one-hour training session and further explore business opportunities with Worathan. 

As a global leader in wireless display technologies, EZCast Pro presented solutions for education, corporate, and professional AV. EZCast Pro showcased its wireless display products on-site at the technology seminar. 

EZCast Pro at Worathan technology seminar for its 10th Anniversary

Unveiling the Latest Pro AV Technologies

Stan Chen, Director of Advanced Display Collaboration, presented on the topic of Wireless AV Over IP, which has become the center of ProAV integration in recent years. 

Stan Chen, Director of Advanced Display Collaboration, presented on the topic of Wireless AV Over IP at Worathan Seminar

The company also unveiled its latest product: EZCast Pro AV, a flexible audio and video broadcasting solution. It can be used over Ethernet or Wi-Fi and is a flexible, cost-effective, and scalable receiver-transmitter system. One of its main advantages is that it can be used as an extender, splitter, switcher, or even a matrix simply through the CMS (CMS  Central Management System console software).

Presenting Solutions to Create Wireless Conferences

Wireless Presentations and Conferences are currently being implemented in leading organizations across the world. Gartner Research has listed wireless presentation systems as one of the top 10 strategies to improve BYOD collaboration.

Therefore, EZCast Pro also took the opportunity to introduce the QuattroPod series of wireless presentation systems.

A wireless presentation system consists of a wireless video and audio receiver and transmitter. These systems are useful for presenting work instantly on TV or a projector by connecting “wirelessly” through devices such as computers, notebooks, or smartphones.

Unlike consumer wireless dongles for screen mirroring, enterprise wireless presentation systems are designed to improve meeting collaboration and allow multiple presenters to share ideas and media without long cables. Plus, solutions like QuattroPod offer additional benefits like the ability to use split-screen and multicasting.

EZCast Pro presenting new solutions at Worathan

Integrating the Latest Wireless Display Solutions into the Market

Worathan Technology Co.  & EZCast Pro are blurring the borders of wireless display integration into the market by providing the most novel classroom and smart meeting solutions and offering customers high-quality and valuable solutions. 

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