Highlights of InfoComm China 2019 from EZCast Pro3 min read

The annual InfoComm China 2019 was successfully held at the National Convention Center on July 19th.

All the professionals and integrators got together in Beijing for this great exhibition.

The three-day exhibition successfully attracted more than 40,866 visitors from all professional fields.

Meanwhile, more than 60 forums and conferences were held in three days, attracting 8,330 industry representatives to learn new technical skills and new market trends.

More than 400 exhibitors gathered at InfoComm China to showcase their innovative display technologies and integrated solutions.

The annual InfoComm exhibition always sets the trend of the display industry.

EZCast Pro, a leading brand of wireless display in the world, with a history of more than 14 years within the industry, continues to provide the best SoC chips and system solutions for the display markets.

In the 14th InfoComm China, EZCast Pro exhibited many innovative products, including QuattroPod China (exclusive to the Chinese market), EZCast Pro II, which supports one-to-many wireless presentations, and the EZCast Beam J2 mini projectors with a variety of designer chassis.

The new products attracted many inquiries from customers and media exposure.

Product 1: QuattroPod series – wireless meeting presentation system for businesses

QuattroPod series is a wireless presentation system designed for business meetings and classrooms.

It supports not only split-screen, screen-broadcast, host control, and touchback control features but works across multiple OS.

Moreover, it supports one-click screen mirroring without installing any app.

The encrypted wireless data transmission protects the business’ IP from attacks.

QuattroPod is a convenient, cross-platform, wireless display solution.

It won the Best Choice Awards in Computex Taipei on May 2019.

To realize our vision of optimizing wireless displays, and improve the ease of information sharing, EZCast Pro continues to improve our products and customer service.

We provide customized designs based on different user requirements across different regions, to improve user experiences.

InfoComm China marked the first time that QuattroPod China version was disclosed to the market.

In an interview with TY360.com, EZCast Pro’s Director of Advanced Display and Collaboration Product Unit, Stan Chen said,” QuattroPod is a one-click to mirror presentation system. QuattroPod China was designed for the China market especially. It supports 2 screen-split and 4K output, providing the most value in the same market segment.”

Product 2: Professional EZCast Pro II Dongle

EZCast Pro II has more stable Wi-Fi capabilities, supports not only 4K but also 1-to-8 screen mirroring with its companion ProCast app.

With EZCast Pro II, users can also stream audio across Wi-Fi to TVs or monitors in classrooms and meetings.

Product 3: EZCast Beam J2 Mini Projector

EZCast Beam J2 is a miniature, rechargeable projector with DLP technology at 300 lumens.

With HDMI/USB ports and Wi-Fi, users can simply connect EZCast Beam J2 with mobile and computers to perform realtime screen mirroring.

It is compatible with iOS/Android/Windows/macOS and designed for personal entertainment to allow users to project content from any mobile device, anywhere.

300 lumens brightness

Equipped with high luminance LED, EZCast Beam J2 can maintain at least 85% performance after 20000 hours of operation.


Wi-Fi cross-platform screen mirroring

EZCast Beam J2 supports wireless screen mirroring through Wi-Fi and is compatible with iOS, macOS, Android, and Windows.


Fast and stable screen mirroring via USB connection

Plug mobile phone’s charging cable into EZCast Beam J2’s USB port and play media while charging the phone.

InfoComm China 2019 had come to a close, and we look forward to meeting you again at the EZCast Pro booth next year.


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