EZCast Pro Displays Wireless Meeting Solutions at InfoComm2 min read

EZCast Pro at InfoComm 2019

EZCast Pro is bringing the latest real time wireless meeting room solutions to InfoComm 2019 in June 12-14 at booth #4474.

In order to satisfy two different types of market demands for wireless meetings, EZCast Pro separates its product line into EZCast Pro and QuattroPod.

The EZCast Pro line thrives to be the flexible and portable solution. Users can present its content through Airplay and Miracast by connecting to the latest cross platform wireless display receiver, EZCast Pro II dongle.

In comparison to its predecessor, the improved hardware supports 4K output and 802.11ac 5G Wi-Fi for faster and better quality wireless display.

EZCast Pro II dongle has two supporting Apps. The EZCast Pro App assists with administering meeting presentations and taking real-time notes while the ProCast App allows 1-to-many real-time screen mirroring.

ProCast App allows laptop users, both Windows and Mac, to mirror to multiple HDTVs at the same time.

ProCast App – Broadcast Single Source to Multiple Screens

ProCast App and Pro II Dongles present a convenient and cost-effective way to setup multi-screen displays for exhibitions, banquet halls and lectures.

The QuattroPod product line differentiates itself as the ease-of-use and security option. The newest QuattroPod makes wireless screen sharing meetings as easy as plug, click, and play.

QuattroPod – The User-Friendly Wireless Presentation System

The point-to-point wireless transmission between transmitters and receivers create a secure platform, which all users can use without compromising the network security.

QuattroPod carries all the essential conference and meeting features, such as split screen display and host control.

Come visit EZCast Pro at booth #4474 during InfoComm to upgrade your meeting rooms.

EZCast Pro booth location at InfoComm 2019
EZCast Pro at booth #4474 of InfoComm 2019.


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