EZCast Pro’s Infocomm China 2018 Review3 min read

EZCast Pro at InfoComm China

The 13th edition of InfoComm China was held in China National Convention Center in Beijing on April 11-13.

The three day event attracted over 38,809 visitors around the world, an increase of 21% over last year. 350 exhibitors from around the world, including 56 first time exhibitors, competed for the spotlight, and launched 72 brand new products at InfoComm China this year.

More than 30 members of the press interviewed 11 selected exhibitors to mark the significance of the occasion.

In addition to the main event, the InfoComm China Summit attracted more than 5,456 industry experts, 9% more than last year, to share insights in Artificial Intelligence, Education, IoT, Smart City, AR and VR applications.

As a leader in wireless presentation technology, EZCast Pro, launched the newest product, QuattroPod, to great fanfare at the show. The latest click and cast wireless presentation solution can help conference rooms around the world replace the dated HDMI cables with untethered, BYOD freedom and efficiency.

Crowd at EZCast Pro InfoComm China booth
EZCast Pro’s booth attracted a number of overseas visitors.

EZCast Pro was one of the few companies interviewed by the InfoComm organisers, and we also spent time sharing our story with Digital Audio Video and TY360.com. All members of the press who were present felt QuattroPod will lead the trend in click & cast wireless presentation technologies in China.

Digital Audio Video journalist interviewing EZCast Pro’s Advanced Display & Collaboration Product Unit Director, Stan Chen.

QuattroPod to lead the way in wireless conference rooms

QuattroPod is EZCast Pro’s latest wireless conference room technology. It combines uses plug and play interface to help you make efficient, wireless presentations with a single click.

EZCast Pro's QuattroPod
QuattroPod, the next step in wireless conference room technology.

QuattroPod takes its name from the Italian language, “Quattro”, which means “four”. The name indicates a series of breakthroughs referencing the number “four”. Such as compatibility with “4K” video input and output resolution, and supporting “4-screen split” when making wireless presentations from up to “4” Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, or ChromeOS devices at the same time. The multiple I/O ports, HDMI, Mini DP, USB, makes BYOD conference rooms a reality.

QuattroPod home screen and LCD TV
QuattroPod on display at InfoComm China 2018.

QuattroPod is also the first solution of its kind to support plug and play interface with iOS and Android smart phones without installing any app. It is the most feature rich wireless presentation solution of its class.

Watch this space for more leading edge wireless presentation solutions in the future.


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