EZCast Pro Update Extends Your Windows Screen Wirelessly2 min read

EZCast Pro app desktop extend screen

Hello super productive users of EZCast Pro around the world,

We are sharing a new update to our EZCast Pro and EZCast apps this month.

The biggest improvement is the ability to use the second screen as an extended desktop for Windows with EZCast Pro app.

If you are a multitasker like me, you might already have an HD monitor right beside your laptop, with an ugly HDMI cable connected between them.

The extra screen helps you browse, edit documents on the big screen to protect your eyesight at work.

But the tethered HDMI is an eyesore to your uncluttered desk.

The latest Windows EZCast Pro app release lets you truly escape from the restraint of the HDMI cable, by letting you extend your screen to the second monitor.

EZCast Pro app for Windows 10
Choose Extend to expand your Windows desktop to your second screen.

So you get the flexibility of screen mirroring or desktop extension at your fingertips.

The Extend feature are available now for both Windows 8 and 10 as well as macOS 10.13.

Here are the other highlights of the EZCast Pro and EZCast app updates.

Full screen your AirView – EZCast Pro only

AirView is a great tool for broadcasting the shared image to other smart devices in the network.

We are upgrading the Windows version to allow full screen of AirView to help meeting attendees to interact with presentations easier.

Maximize the shared screen on your Windows AirView.

Volume control on the big screen – EZCast Pro and EZCast for Windows

Often when you are mirroring to an HDTV, you might find the TV remote out of reach, or worse, missing.

What do you do when the volume on TV is not right?

Do you spend the next few minutes hunt down the missing remote?

Or you can use the latest EZCast or EZCast Pro apps on Windows to adjust the volume for you.

Volume control in EZCast Pro app
Use your Windows machine as a remote for your TV.

An alternative to extending your Windows screen is to setup dual screens to broadcast identical content in real-time, which involves multiple EZCast Pro devices and ProCast app.

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