Terminal One – How Multicasting Is Used in the Bar3 min read

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Terminal One-TPE is a unique bar. It’s “An Aviation Inspired Cocktail Lounge where flight crews from around the world can gather together for a post-flight cocktail.” The owner of the restaurant is a pilot, with around 20 years of flying experience. His familiarity with the aviation world led him to understand the exhaustion and the anxiety of traveling to a new and strange country. The bar is designed to give the sensation that you are in a plane. Small details like a cabin shaped lounge and pilot hats make the place quite original and welcoming. The concept of flying around the world also involves meeting new people with different cultural backgrounds. One of the best ways to socialize with each other is by watching a sport match on TV while cheering in unison as if the customers had known each other for years. As one of the main concepts of the bar is to welcome everyone even if they come from different worlds, the bar uses screens to let the people party, sing, and dance.

The Challenge

As an innovative and creative bar owner, he looked for a solution to implement the latest technology to facilitate casting. Because travel and airplanes are the main topics of the bar, the owner wanted to broadcast night views from various countries on multiple TVs. He wanted to share the content without being bothered by physical cables which might ruin the aesthetics of the bar. The solution also had to be easy and accessible to use by any of the waiters in the bar.

Upon purchasing QuattroPod, he learned that EZCast Pro devices come with built-in wireless display technologies such as Google Cast (aka Chromecast) and Airplay which allows him to stream content to TVs without cables.

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After doing some research, the owner reached out to us and was impressed by the QuattroPod solutions. QuattroPod is a portable set of wireless presentation system, including a transmitter and a receiver. Its setup is very easy. Simply connect your device to the QuattroPod transmitter, and you can cast with just one click (Plug and Play). As several devices such as tablets and smartphones with different brands are used by the staff, QuattroPod turns out to be the perfect choice as it is highly compatible with multiple OS and across all the devices.

In just a few moments, the service team was able to plug, click, and share the content from their computers. As they explained “We were able to swipe quickly through the content and cast it in the screens. We were surprised we could stream the content from one screen to many screens at the same time. Within seconds, the tablet screen with videos from around the world was being broadcasted in the whole restaurant.”

QuattroPod allows to easily cast different types of media or online content. Unlike other wireless display products, an app is not necessary as the staff in the restaurant can simply use the native protocols — AirPlay and Google Cast.

In conclusion, QuattroPod is the perfect solution for “Terminal One” as QuattroPod allows them to perform one-to-many screens for the relaxation and enjoyment of the clients. It is safe to say that this bar will increase its unique charm and the area is “Cleared for takeoff”.


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