EZCast Pro Helps Factory Build a Real-Time Operation Tracking System2 min read

telescope factory

The pursuit of precision is key to modern society.

By utilizing the power of sophisticated machines, workers can focus more on creative works as they are freed from their daily routine; enterprises are getting more productive than ever before.

In a 45,000 square foot factory in USA, workers work to deliver precision metal components for customers in aerospace, defense, medical, and semiconductor industries.

These industries are the driving force of the economy, making the US one of the most advanced countries.

To meet the stringent demands, the factory manager not only needs to make sure only top-quality machined products are assembled, shipped, but also controls the waste to a minimum.

Thus, it is extremely important to monitor production data such as machinery productivity, raw materials, human resource scheduling, and safety to make sure that all the operations are on track 24/7.

Adopting the multi-display broadcasting solution to improve factory efficiency

Business owners are seeking a solution that integrates all the existing digital signage to receive the latest production data and build a real-time tracking system for operation.

Image how expensive and messy a 45,000 square foot space maybe with all the cables spreading out just to connect 8 monitors.

That’s why the implementation of wireless casting solutions like EZCast Pro II dongles is such a great alternative for businesses to achieve the same goal easily. 

The real-time operational tracking system enables managers to have better control over the factory

With 8 pieces of EZCast Pro Dongle II deployed in the factory, the manager can broadcast synchronized dashboards to 8 HDTVs with a single laptop running ProCast app.

This setting turns all the HDTVs into wireless network displays and keeps everyone on the same page.

Multi-screen broadcast in factory
With 8pc of EZCast Pro Dongle II and ProCast app, the 45,000 square foot factory now has its own real-time production tracking dashboards without a single cable.

This setup does not require extra HDMI cables and synchronizes key production data throughout the entire space.

As a result, the factory continues to be a leader in precision manufacturing.

real-time dashboards in factory
The real-time production tracking dashboards show the latest production data making all the information transparent.


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