How a Traditional Japanese Restaurant TURNED INTO HIGH-TECH IN 4 MONTHS2 min read


Quick Introduction

Lionz Dining Sake Bar is a Japanese style gourmet restaurant located in the Eastern District of Taipei.  The environment is alike to an izakaya, but with slight differences. An izakaya is a typical Japanese restaurant or bar. It’s a place of relaxation after working hours. Generally, the most common way of eating and drinking in an izakaya is to order different dishes that are shared among the diners. This is perhaps the most important concept that differentiates an izakaya from other restaurants: the food is intended to be shared.

In comparison, this is an upgraded concept of the izakaya. This high-end restaurant serves refined Japanese food. This comfortable place is perfect for groups of friends or colleagues who want to de-stress after long hours of hard work. Inside the restaurant, you can find a table area, 2 people highchair seating area, 4 -handed area, and a multiplayer box area in a broad space. The bar has 2 private boxes with a curtain in the middle that can be opened into a larger space which is very comfortable, and there is a projection screen for events. In the common area, there is also a projection screen in which the customers can watch sport events or movies as they want.


The customer wanted to improve the ambiance of the entire bar, including both the shared area and the private room without ruining the luxurious environment with messy HDMI cables. In addition, they want to cast to multiple screens on only one computer and further create a comfortable atmosphere with projections for entertainment and interactive content for a special dining experience without taking attention away from the social encounters. 


Lionz Dining Sake Bar deploys multiple projection screens for entertainment purposes in the common and private areas of the restaurant. QuattroPod allows users to do multi-casting display. By connecting various receivers to all the projectors and connecting the transmitter to the source, the customer can cast to multiple screens.



By overcoming the limitations of difficult mounting positions and limited space, EZCast Pro wireless devices provided the flexibility that a distinctive bar experience needs and avoided the troublesome wires that would ruin the exquisite atmosphere. 

“We are combining the traditional aspects of a Japanese restaurant while using modern technology to create a memorable experience. There is only a small quantity of places with this distinct combination,” said the owner.

Lionz Dining Sake Bar is now completely suited up with projection screens in the dining area. This bar now features a unique experience combined with refined Japanese food.


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