Is Your Workplace Collaborative Enough?2 min read

Group of people working out business plan in an office

Team collaboration will ensure that everyone has even loads of work, saving them from extra work. This is why having a workplace that sparks creativity and cooperation is essential. True collaboration begins by creating a space where everyone can share their ideas when needed. But how to create a space where people feel comfortable sharing their ideas?

1. Concentrate your efforts in collaborative meetings

It often happens that during meetings where everyone is taking notes but no one participates. People are worried they didn’t bring the right file or want to avoid standing up in front of everyone to connect their laptop to an HDMI.  Facilitating idea sharing by implementing a screen mirroring solution where participants can easily share their ideas from their smartphones of laptops thus plays an important role. Let the users share content of their devices to the screen in seconds. In this way, creative ideas can arise, and the business can get higher productivity.

2. Create workspaces that are cozy yet multifunctional

The meeting room is no longer a place with fixed hardware and big, ominous furniture. Now we are entering the era of multi-functional spaces. Embrace a cross-platform wireless presentation solution in which team members can work and make presentations from any smartphone and laptop to make meetings more productive.

3. Integrate dynamic meeting room technology

Imagine that you invite your clients and interact with you via app or presentation on a touch panel while all the people in the room can see. For this, you will need a solution with touchback control, in which you can screen mirror the content on your smartphone into a bigger screen.

4. Improve display technology

As many people are now working from home. Finding the balance to make Hybrid meetings will be essential, this is why you can choose a split-screen solution to include the people remotely and still be sharing graphs or other media at the same time.

Still not sure if your work space is adapted to the modern world? Take the quiz to find out!

A wireless Solution for your Meeting Room

Finding a single solution that includes all the elements to transform your workspace into a more collaborative place is difficult. Fortunately, QuattroPod USB wraps all these features in a single solution. To learn more about how to make your enterprise more interactive with this tool you can watch our webinar.


  • Plug and cast
  • Single USB interface for both display and power
  • Screen mirroring from Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices
  • Secure point-to-point 5 GHz Wi-Fi network connectivity
  • Up to 4 display sources in split-screen mode
  • AES 128-bit encrypted network and WPA2 authentication protocol
  • Smart Touchback Control with interactive touch screens
  • Host control to administer display sources


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