Over-Paradigm Unleashes Preschool Education With EZCast Pro3 min read


Over-Paradigm is a pioneer in education technology.

By implementing digital storytelling tools, AR/VR kits, interactive classroom apps, and advanced e-learning modules, Over-Paradigm has strengthened teaching effectiveness around schools in Greater China and Taiwan.

Since its inception in 2000, Over-Paradigm won numerous EdTech industry awards from US, Japan, Europe and Taiwan, including the prestigious “2017 Learning Technology Gold Award”.

But one thing has been missing in Over-Paradigm’s e-learning solution is the ability to deliver educational content in cross platform and portable format.

This is where GloryKylin and EZCast Pro come in.

GloryKylin combined expertise in digital content delivery with EZCast Pro’s cross platform wireless display technologies to bring portable wireless education display solutions to Over-Paradigm’s e-learning platform.

Unleashing preschool learning with wireless presentation tools

Over-Paradigm and GloryKylin’s partnership culminated in a state-of-the-art preschool e-learning center in Kaohsiung, in May 2019.

Preschool e-learning center attracted young parents around the world eager to provide the best education for their young kids.

The e-learning center implemented EZCast Pro dongles with educational technologies to create an environment where educators could share digital content to the projector wirelessly, using both smartphones and laptops.

cross platform wireless display e learning
A cross platform wireless display created using EZCast Pro dongle.

EZCast Pro dongle’s support for iPhones, Android phones, Windows and macOS laptops meant teachers can enjoy BYOD classrooms to share educational content from any smart device they own, for better storytelling and student engagement.

Over-Paradigm was able to demonstrate the potential of more exciting kindergarten curriculum using interactive AR storytelling tools, educational board games and robot toys.

Portable training toolkits with EZCast Pro wireless displays

As part of Over-Paradigm’s mission to create better education solutions around the world, they travel around the country to educate teachers about the capabilities of e-learning and advocate its potential.

By using EZCast Pro II dongles, Over-Paradigm’s e-learning advocates can bring portable wireless presentations with them on the road, and use the cross platform wireless display receiver to share their expertise with fellow teachers in any classroom around the country.

kindergarten e learning advocate
wireless display with ipad

An e-learning advocate using EZCast Pro II dongle to share wireless presentations with teachers.

EZCast Pro II’s advanced 5GHz Wi-Fi capability ensures wireless presentations are shared smoothly, and wireless videos played without lag.

The companion app, EZCast Pro, contains features designed to assist in education, such as:

Photo – to let teachers share photos wirelessly to the display.

Camera – to transform a smartphone into a real time document camera to zoom in on objects and show it on the big screen.

Web – allows teachers to browse webpages and share the content on the big screen in real time.

This way, Over-Paradigm’s team can spend more time teaching, and less time worrying about technology compatibility at different locations.


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