Which QuattroPod Is Right for You?5 min read


We strongly believe that investing in technology can lead to higher productivity at work.

So we are 100% behind the BYOD movement that promotes workers to use their favorite smart devices, whether laptops or smartphones, to improve efficiency at work.

QuattroPod is specifically designed to let devices of any operating system plug and play wireless presentations to big screens, and we invite our Product Manager for US & Canada, Michael Liggett, to highlight the differences within QuattroPod family, and how it can add value to your team. 

What is QuattroPod?

QuattroPod system includes two basic components, the receiver, and transmitters.

We have two types of transmitters for different usages.

One is QuattroPod Standard transmitter, which can support 4K outputs, if you need to display high-quality videos and images in meetings, you definitely won’t want to miss out.

QuattroPod Standard transmitter supports all smart devices with its HDMI, Mini display port and USB ports.

The additional Ethernet port allows more stable network connectivity between the transmitter and receiver, with the option of PoE (Power over Ethernet) for more flexibility.

If you look for a simple and quick way to connect and share your presentation, then the QuattroPod Mini transmitter will be a great fit for your needs.

QuattroPod Mini transmitter loses the display port and Ethernet port for greater mobility and supports smartphones, tablets, and laptops with its HDMI and USB ports.

QuattroPod Standard supports 4K resolutions and QuattroPod Mini supports 1080P resolutions that fulfill different user’s needs.
QuattroPod Standard supports 4K resolutions and QuattroPod Mini supports 1080P resolutions that fulfill different user’s needs.

The Standard package contains one receiver and two transmitters.

The QuattroPod receiver allows connections from up to 32 transmitters at the same time, while you can purchase Standard and Mini transmitters separately and use them with the same receiver.

How does QuattroPod work?

Let’s take a look at how QuattroPod connects with your smart devices.

Connect the Standard transmitter to the laptop with USB and HDMI cables.

Once it boots up successfully, you can hit the button to cast wireless presentations in meetings.

The way to connect QuattroPod Standard transmitter with laptop.
The way to connect QuattroPod Standard transmitter with laptop.

QuattroPod has low latency wireless transmission, allowing you to display both static images, presentations and dynamic videos easily.

The touch back control feature allows the presenter to use the touch panel as an input device to your laptop.
The touch back control feature allows the presenter to use the touch panel as an input device to your laptop.

QuattroPod’s advanced touchback control allows the presenter to use a touch panel as an input device to the presentation source, allowing the presenter to flip through presentation pages or change presentation material without walking back and forth the big screen and laptop.

With the QuattroPod system, you can bring your mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets to join meetings.

Connect either QuattroPod Standard transmitter or Mini transmitter to your devices with a USB cable, switch transmitter mode from PC to mobile, and connect the transmitter with a power bank or other USB power source.

The way to connect QuattroPod Mini transmitter with a tablet.
You can easily cast the tablet's content to a big monitor without installing any app or changing Wi-Fi settings.

In the rare occasions where your devices are not able to connect to a transmitter, you can download the QuattroPod app to cast.

Just open the QuattroPod app, then you can use your mobile as a transmitter, click and share.

Download QuattroPod app to your mobile and use it as a transmitter.
QuattroPod allows four participants to show their devices’ contents on the big screen at the same time.
QuattroPod allows four participants to show their devices’ contents on the big screen at the same time.

How can I use QuattroPod?

There are a lot of different ways that you can use the QuattroPod system.

The main applications include seminars, corporate training rooms, and meetings.

You can set a Standard transmitter on the podium, where presenters can plug and play, or and put the Mini transmitters on every desk where participants sit and let them share interactive content to the big screen when needed.

The system is also great for conference rooms or classrooms where you have teachers and speakers who just want an easy solution to start making presentations quickly without setting up the internet or install drivers and apps.

This can significantly improve your meeting productivity and cut down on the workload of IT support.

For more information about the QuattroPod family, please refer to the following introduction video.

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QuattroPod Series1 min read

QuattroPod Series

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Whether you use Windows, macOS laptops, iPhones or Android phones, you can use QuattroPod solutions to plug and play wireless presentations over AES 128-bit security encrypted network and WPA2 authentication protocol. 

The simple user interface and robust network security make it a favorite among IT professionals.

smartphone screen mirror plug and play

No app required

Plug, click and cast wirelessly from your favorite smartphone.

laptop quattropod click to screen share

Click to cast wirelessly

Make wireless presentations in seconds with a click of a button.

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4-to-1 split-screen display in real-time

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Allows multiple attendees to screen mirror data and charts simultaneously to the big screen to visualize information clearly.


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