Join EZCast Pro at ISE for the Latest Wireless Display Meeting Solutions4 min read

ezcast pro booth at ISE

Integrated Systems Europe is the world’s biggest pro-AV show, where manufacturers, system integrators, and end-users from multiple industries gather to learn about the latest audiovisual technologies in RAI Amsterdam, during February 11-14.

As a leader in wireless display meeting and classroom solutions, EZCast Pro will be exhibiting at Hall 13 booth B155 to introduce new BYOD wireless presentation technologies aimed to improve meeting and classroom productivity.

Create reliable wireless multi-displays through EZCast Pro Box II

In conference rooms that accommodate more than 100 guests, it is useful to set up multiple screens to make the presentation visible to all members of the audience.

While the traditional multi-screen technology involves hundreds of meters of cables and specialized hardware, the EZCast Pro Box II solution simply requires a network-enabled Pro Box II connected to each display.

EZCast Pro Box II wireless multi-screen receiver with LAN support
EZCast Pro Box II is designed for wireless multi-display broadcasting.

The presenter can use the proprietary ProCast app to broadcast the laptop’s screen to every EZCast Pro Box II-connected screen on the same WiFi network, thus creating a multi-screen configuration without excess cables.

To improve the reliability of wireless displays, EZCast Pro Box II supports 5 GHz WiFi, LAN connection, and PoE to deliver streamlined, 4K wireless content.

If you already own an EZCast Pro Dongle II, you can expand the number of screens in the network by adding EZCast Pro Box II to the existing setup.

multiple display pro box II pro II
Expand your multi-displays by adding EZCast Pro Box II to the same network with EZCast Pro Dongle II.

The most flexible and cost-effective installation for multi-display broadcasting is where you use EZCast Pro Box II for LAN accessible screens and EZCast Pro Dongle II for displays with strong 5 GHz WiFi coverage.

All of which can be controlled by a single computer with ProCast app.

Simplify QuattroPod solutions with a single USB cable interface

QuattroPod is known for its BYOD, cross-platform design that lets you plug a transmitter into any smartphone or laptop to cast screens with a click.

The latest QuattroPod USB solution consolidates the cabling interface to your laptop into a single USB cable for both power and content.

QuattroPod USB 2T1R pack
QuattroPod USB transmitter only requires one USB cable to screen mirror wireless content from a laptop.

As a result, you no longer need to choose between HDMI, DP or USB cables from your laptop for content in addition to a USB port for power, making the laptop connection cleaner and more reliable.

Plug and play wireless BYOD solution with QuattroPod Lite

In research labs and staff rooms where speed and connectivity are of the utmost concern, QuattroPod Lite is the fastest solution to plug and play wireless presentations to a big screen.

The single point-to-point wireless display solution lets you pair and screen mirror in seconds.

quattropod lite
QuattroPod Lite allows you to plug and play wireless content in seconds.

No matter you use a smartphone or a laptop, QuattroPod Lite instantly screen mirrors to a big screen.

Visit EZCast Pro at RAI Amsterdam, booth 13-B155

EZCast Pro is located at booth 13-B155 of RAI Amsterdam.


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ISE 20201 min read

ezcast pro booth at ISE

Meet EZCast Pro at ISE

ezcast pro booth at ISE

Check out the latest wireless presentation technologies from EZCast Pro

Hall 13, booth B155, RAI Amsterdam.

11-14 February 2020.

Get your free tickets with invitation code: 393310

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EZCast Pro Box II

Multi-display receiver with 5 GHz WiFi and LAN support

Create multi-screen wireless broadcasting experience in larger venues with ease.

Supports LAN and 5 GHz WiFi for a more reliable wireless presentation environment.

multiple display pro box II pro II

Wireless multi-screen broadcasting with ProCast app

Mix and match second generation EZCast Pro products (D10 and B10) to broadcast laptop content wirelessly to multiple screens.

5 GHz WiFi and LAN support

Better performance with 5 GHz WiFi and LAN 

LAN option available for better connectivity and additional PoE option

cross platform screen mirroring

Conduct wireless lectures from any device

Supports wireless presentation from any smartphone and laptop, so you can make  presentations using your favorite devices effortlessly.

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QuattroPod USB

Award-winning BYOD solution simplified with USB interface

Simplifying the transmitter to use only USB interface to plug and play laptops and smartphones.

Never worry about HDMI, DP and other connectors anymore.

plug and cast

Plug and cast

Instant app-free wirelessly screen mirroring from your favorite smart devices.

touchback control

Touchback control

Control your your device wirelessly with touch panel.

cross platform compatibility

Cross-platform compatibility

Compatible with all major OS systems.

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QuattroPod Lite

BYOD solution with zero learning curve 

Simplifying QuattroPod BYOD wireless presentations to plug and cast without any configuration.

Suitable for small meeting rooms that need to get wireless display up and running in seconds.

zero learning curve QuattroPod Lite

Zero learning curve

Plug and cast instantly with zero configuration.

practical and effective screen mirror laptop to TV

Practical and effective

One-to-one screen mirroring that’s both simple and practical.

Mobile friendly screen mirror to TV

Mobile friendly

Screen mirror from your smartphone in seconds.

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Visit EZCast Pro at RAI Amsterdam, booth 13-B155

EZCast Pro booth at ISE